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Civil Penalties


July 19, 2016 Reports


ID Name County Penalty
17085 Gosse for Auditor Committee Buchanan $20-paid
18864 Elect Jack Seward 2012 Washington $20-paid
18262 Ringgenberg for Supervisor Buena Vista $20
18143 Committee to Re-Elect Leonard for Sheriff Dallas $20
18782 Committee to Elect Brian Vos Warren $50-paid
19499 Jon Muller for Marshall County Supervisor Marshall $20-paid
19465 Croghan for Sheriff Carroll $20-paid
19559 Walter for Supervisor Iowa $20-waiver requested, reduced, paid
17156 Committee to Re-elect Gottsche Dickinson $20-paid
19486 Youngblut for Scott County Supervisor Scott $20-waived
18782 Committee to Elect Greg Graver Sheriff Jones $20 -paid
19489 Mike Hull JCBOS 2016 Johnson $20 - paid
19466 Gross for Sheriff Shelby $20
19006 Gaard for Supervisor Poweshiek $20
18966 Aaron Price for Supervisor Madison $20 -paid
19612 Thode for Supervisor Webster $50-waiver requested, denied, paid
19558 Stauffer Election Campaign Henry $50 -waived
19197 Krysh for Supervisor Muscatine $50 -paid
19620 Pete Buschmann for Supervisor Delaware $100-waiver requested, denied, paid
19623 Schoning for Supervisor Committee Franklin $50-paid
19653 Rob Kovacevich for Sheriff Clarke $100 -paid
18970 Marvin McCann for Supervisor Clarke $200-waiver requested
19661 Steve Salasek for Marshall County Supervisor Marshall $100 -paid
19674 Bootsma for Supervisor O'Brien $200-waiver requested
19677 Steve Geerts for Supervisor Chickasaw $100-waiver requested