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Civil Penalties


December 1, 2003 Reports

Black Hawk Jeff Palmer for Mayor Committee - $20
Delaware Eric C Anderson for Council - $100 (paid)
Dickinson Know the Costs First - $20 (paid)
Dubuque Ann E Michalski for Mayor - $200 (reduced/paid)
Franklin (Patricia) Sackville for Mayor Committee - $100 (reduced/paid)
Johnson (Steve) Soboroff for City Council - $20
Jones (Thomas) Yeoman for Mayor Campaign Committee - $20 (paid)
Linn Citizens for (Gregory) Hapgood - $200 (reduced/paid)
Marshall Committee to Elect Pam Weber - $50  (paid)
Polk (Kevin) Conway for Council - $100 (paid)
Pottawattamie Friends to Re-elect Chad Primmer - $50 (paid)
Scott People for (Dianna) Pilla
Scott Citizens for (Douglas) Cunningham - $20
Sioux Dennis Walstra for Mayor - $20 (paid)
Story Committee to Elect (Joe) Paulson - $20 (paid)
Van Buren Citizens for Extension - $20 (rescinded)
Wapello Brian Ulin - $50 (rescinded)
Winneshiek Jim Dale for City Council - $20 (paid)
Woodbury Jason Geary for City Council - $200 (paid)