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January 19, 2012


Multiple Friends of Iowa Lakes Community College -$50 (waiver reqstd, denied, paid)
Plymouth Citizens for Educational Excellence -$20 (paid)
Carroll Carroll Athletic Complex Committee -$20 (waiver reqstd, denied, paid)
Cerro Gordo Committee to Elect Phillip Sanchez - $50 (paid)
Dallas Tisor For Waukee City Council - $50 (paid)
Dallas Dutcher for Council - $20 (waived)
Dallas Citizens for Waukee Aquatic Center- $100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Des Moines - $100 (paid)
Dickinson Committee to Elect Mike Prior - $50 (paid)
Hardin HR Care - $20 (paid)
Jasper Chaz Allen for Mayor -$50 (paid)
Johnson The People for Hearns -$100 (waiver reqstd, reduced, paid)
Johnson Tate for School Board - $50
Johnson Patel for City Council - $100 (paid)
Johnson Herwig for Council - $20 (paid)
Lee Marion for Mayor - $50 (paid)
Linn Steve Rhodes for City Council - $50 (paid)
Linn - $50 (paid)
Linn Swore for Council - $50 (paid)
Linn Cortez for City Council - $20 (paid)
Linn Anderson-Bogert Engineers Political Action Committee -$100 (paid)
Muscatine Team to Elect Dawnese Openshaw - $20 (paid)
Polk Ciitizens for Pike - $50 (paid)
Polk Committee to Elect Charlene Butz - $20 (paid)
Polk Citizens for Weaver - $20 (paid)
Polk Citizens for Jon Kallen - $50
Polk Trevillyan for City Council - $50 (paid)
Polk Committee to Elect Mike Richardson - $100
Polk Romar for West Des Moines City Council At-Large -$50 (paid)
Scott ElectElliott - $50 (paid)
Scott Justin4Davenport - $50 (waiver requested, denied)
Scott Committee to Elect Barney Barnhill - $50 (paid)
Scott Friends to Elect Brinson Kinzer -$100 (paid)
Woodbury Sioux Citizens for Responsible Government - $20 (paid)
Woodbury Citizens for Aaron Rochester - $20 (paid)
Washington Citizens for Quality Schools - $100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Johnson Michelle Payne for City Council -$20 (paid)
Polk Jon Narcisse for School Board -$100 (paid)
Polk Committee to Re-elect Leslie Petersen for School Board-$50 (paid)
LINN Dwight Hogan for City Council - $200
POLK Caldwell-Johnson for School Board -$200 (paid)
CARROLL Committee to Re-elect Dopheide - $100 (waiver requested)
April 23, 2014April 23, 2014