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January 19, 2014


FRANKLIN Sheri Bogue for Mayor Committee -$20 (paid) City
POLK Knauer for School Board -$20 (paid) School Board
BLACK HAWK Friends with Hart -$20 (paid) City
POLK Schneider for City Council -$20 (paid) City
MAHASKA Van Zetten for Iowa -$20 (paid) City
CLINTON Brackenridge for School Board - $20 School Board
_Multiple HMA, PAC - $20 (paid) Local Ballot
BOONE Boone High School - The Next Step - $20 (paid) Local Ballot
POLK Citizens for Weaver - $20 (paid) City
POLK Shane Isley for Altoona City Council - $20 (paid) City
STORY Deardorff for School Board -$20 (paid) School Board
CERRO GORDO Citizens for Alex Kuhn - $20 (paid) City
POLK Phil Tuning for City Council - $20 (paid) City
JEFFERSON Flournoy for City Council - $20 (paid) City
LINN Greg Hughes for Mayor - $20 (paid) City
WARREN Shaw for Mayor - $20 (paid) City
LINN Swore for Council - $100 (paid) City
CERRO GORDO Committee to Elect Phillip Sanchez - $20 (paid) City
JOHNSON Weihe for Coralville - $20 (paid) City
POLK Shane Schulte for School Board - $50 (paid) School Board
STORY Briggs for School Board - $50 (paid) School Board
LEE Marion for Mayor Committee -$50 City
CERRO GORDO Hickey for City Council - $20 (paid) City
POLK Committee to Elect Tony Montgomery - $50 (paid) City
MUSCATINE Rehwaldt for City Council -$50 (paid) City
JOHNSON Tate for School Board -$50 School Board
DALLAS Taxpayers for Responsible Spending -$50 (paid) Local Ballot
POCAHONTAS Keep Black Hills Energy in Pocahontas Committee - $20 (paid) Local Ballot
LINN Committee for Knox-Seymour - $20 (paid) City
CERRO GORDO Put Kids 1st Committee - $100 (paid) Local Ballot
BLACK HAWK John Roof Mayor -$100 (paid) City
June 10, 2014June 10, 2014