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October 29, 2015


ID Committee Type County Penalty
14363 Kuzlea 4 Council City Linn $20-waived
14324 Meg Youngblood for Council Bluffs City Pottawattamie $50-paid
14363 Committee to Elect Tom Spread City Muscatine $20 (paid)
21680 Citizens for Grout Local Ballot Black Hawk $20 (paid)
40019 Citizens for Susan Judkins City Polk $20 (paid)
14288 Team Saucedo City Muscatine $20 (paid)
21727 iVinton Local Ballot Benton $20 (paid)
13994 Hughes for Waukee City Dallas $20 (paid)
14037 Cope for Johnston Council City Polk $20
14365 Committee for Knox-Seymour Ciity Linn $20 (paid)
14203 Shane Isley for Altoona Mayor City Polk $20 (paid)
14368 James Lane City Council City Marion $20 (paid)
14126 Infelt for Mayor City Bremer $100 (paid)


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