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Civil Penalties

Executive Branch Lobbyists

January 31, 2005

Lobbyist Amt Status
Brent Halling $25 paid
Liz Williams-Chaffin $25 waived
Mark Braun $25  
Stacey Cyphert $25  
Derek Willard $25 paid
Dawn Carlson $25  
Leann Jacobson $25 paid
Mark Smith $25 paid
Mike Heller $25 paid
Susan Schmitz $25 paid
Marty Ryan $25 paid
Terri Vaughan $25 paid
Laverne Schroeder $25 waived
Mike St Clair $25 paid
Jennifer Kingland $25 paid
Erica Anderson $25 waived
Tina Mowry $25  
Diane Ford-Shivers $25 paid
Tom Cope $50 paid
Owen Newlin $50 waived
James Piazza Jr. $50 paid
Troy Stremming $100 paid