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Civil Penalties



January 19, 2011


Disney for Iowa House -$50 (waived)
Enos for Senate -$50 (paid)
Warner for House -$50 (paid)
Kolsow for Iowa Health -$300
Putney for Senate -$200 (waived)
May for Iowa House -$200 (reduced to $100, paid)
Nieland for State Representative -$200 (paid)
Dave Selmon for State Rep -$200 (paid)
Iowans for Hartsuch -$300
Iowans for Van Fossen -$200 (paid)
Reisetter for Iowa -$200 (paid)
Dave Dicks for Iowa House -$200
Kennedy for Iowa House -$300 (reduced to $156.59, paid)
Narcisse for Iowa -$300
Steve Swanson Campaign Committee -$200