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Civil Penalties


July 19, 2012


Cedar Rapids Trades Council CR IC Building Trades PAC -$50
(waiver requested, denied, paid)
College of Young Democrats of Iowa -$50 (paid)
Great River Uniserv PAC -$50 (paid)
Home Builders Association of Greater Cedar Rapids - $50 (paid)
Iowa City Fire PAC -$50 (paid)
Iowa Committee on Political Education -$50 (paid)
Iowa Medical Leadership PAC -$50 (paid)
Iowa Osteopathic PAC -$100 (paid)
Iowa Psychiatric PAC -$50 (paid)
Iowa Restaurant Association PAC -$50 (paid)
Iowans for Freedom PAC -$50 (paid)
Ironworkers Local #89 Political Education Fund -$50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
IWDA PAC - $50 (paid)
Laborer's PAC -$50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Munipac - $50 (paid)
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 125 -$50 (paid)
Truck PAC Iowa -$50 (paid)
Voices of Conservative Women PAC -$50 (paid)
Wapello County Republican Women's Club - $50 (paid)
Save Dog Racing PAC -$300 (waiver requested, reduced to $150)