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Civil Penalties


October 19, 2014


Committee ID Filed Date Penalty
Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Cedar Rapids PAC 6324 21-Oct

$50-waiver requested, denied, paid

Linn Phoenix Club 9645 21-Oct $50-paid
Cedar Rapids Trades Council CR IC Building Trades PAC 9680 21-Oct $100 -paid
United Union of Roofers Pol Ed and Leg Fund of Iowa 9699 10/20 8:09pm $50 -paid
Union Council AFL-CIO Political Education Fund 9725 21-Oct $100 -paid
Golden Grain Energy State PAC 9726 21-Oct $50 -waiver requested, denied, paid.
Iowa NECA PAC 9732 21-Oct $50 -paid
Teamsters Local 90 D.R.I.V.E. 9846 21-Oct $50 -paid
CJ Bio America PAC 9854 21-Oct $50-waiver requested, reduced to $25, paid
IICPAC 9836 5-Nov $200-paid