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Orders and Other Dispositions


This page contains the names of persons named in complaints, orders by the Board with the rationale for the decisions where applicable or other disposition of complaint.

Click on the name to see the corresponding documentation.

Earlham School District 2016 IECDB 01


Kevin Hatfield 2015 IECDB 01


  2014 IECDB 01


  2013 IECDB 01
Lois Schmitz -settlement 2013 IECDB 02


Julie Wolbers 2012 IECDB 02
Tom Slockett, Johnson County Auditor 2012 IECDB 05
Joel Miller, Linn County Auditor 2012 IECDB 06 a
Catherine Coppes 2012 IECDB 06 b
Kristi Keast 2012 IECDB 07 a
Wayne Grooters 2012 IECDB 07 b
Barbara Berge, County Auditor Candidate 2012 IECDB 08
Bruce Rastetter 2012 IECDB 10
Robert Taylor, Iowans for Taylor 2012 IECDB 11
Jeff Mullen, Mullen for Senate 2012 IECDB 12
Residents for a Better Richmond, Inc 2012 IECDB 13 a
Bill McCarthy, County Sheriff Candidate 2012 IECDB 13 b
James Larew 2012 IECDB 14
Dan Charleston, County Sheriff Candidate 2012 IECDB 15
Mitchell County Board of Supervisors 2012 IECDB 16
Danielson for Senate, Jeff Danielson 2012 IECDB 17
Mike Estep, County Candidate 2012 IECDB 18
Mark Behrens, County Supervisor Candidate 2012 IECDB 19


 Matt Whitaker RE Polk County Redistricting 2011
Iowa Federation of Labor, Iowa State Education Association, Clinton Education Association, Edward O'Neill Campaign Committee 2011
Scott Olson 2011
Jason Glass 2011