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2003 Reprimands

This page contains a list of persons who have received a Letter of Reprimand for violating a Board statute or rule.  A majority of the Board must vote to issue a reprimand.  A reprimand serves as the Board's mildest form of sanction.  A person receiving a reprimand may appeal the Board's decision by requesting a contested case proceeding.

Click on the name to see the reprimand.


Andrew Hill
Carolyn Koos
Carolyn Riley
Cherrie Wiese
Constitution Party of Iowa
Credit Suisse First Boston Government Action Fund
Dallas County Democratic Central Committee
Friends of the Hampton City Pool
Harvey Ross
Jeremy Brigham
John Hedgecoth
Jon Neiderbach
Joseph Rodriguez
Ken Richards
Kent Knudson
Leonard Foster
Lionel Foster
Mainstream America PAC
Mark Hefel
Michael McFarland
National Republican Congressional Committee
New Democrat Network
Parents Affirming Children's Education Committee
Preservation Properties
Rodney Melton
Shirley Brown
Sioux County Democratic Central Committee
United Staff Union Iowa Political Action Fund