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2004 Reprimands

This page contains a list of persons who have received a Letter of Reprimand for violating a Board statute or rule.  A majority of the Board must vote to issue a reprimand.  A reprimand serves as the Board's mildest form of sanction.  A person receiving a reprimand may appeal the Board's decision by requesting a contested case proceeding.

Click on the name to see the reprimand.



Bruce Slagle

Vision South O'Brien

Leigh Rekow

Lyle Wiggins

Keep Improving District Schools

Bill Dean

John White

Lee Kohl

Dianna Pilla

Joel Harris

David Thompson

Jon Hein

Roxanne Coffelt

Lynn Leaders

Andrew Hill

John Hedgecoth

Democratic Women of Buchanan County

Gordon R. Yarrington

Marilyn Dopheide

Kevin Miskell

Bob Mason

Steve Exley-Schuman

Geraldine Leinen

Perry Fire Department

Brian Gilbert

Carol Copeland

Wilton City Council