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2007 Reprimands

This page contains a list of persons who have received a Letter of Reprimand for violating a Board statute or rule.  A majority of the Board must vote to issue a reprimand.  A reprimand serves as the Board's mildest form of sanction.  A person receiving a reprimand may appeal the Board's decision by requesting a contested case proceeding.

Click on the name to see the reprimand.



Business Leadership Council
Martin Dougherty
WISE Committee Garry Oehlert, Chair
Matt Elliott
Kevin Powell
V Mike Bailey
Willard Christensen
Entwistle & Cappucci (rescinded .clickhere)
Ann Fairchild
Janice Horton
Iowa Priorites PAC (rescinded .clickhere)
Gary Randa
Greg Stevens
Mike Hobart for Mayor of Sioux City
Hart Election Committee, Howard Hart