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Iowa 527 Committee -Lead Iowa


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Final Report ending 5/16/2014
First Quarter Report ending 3/31/2014
8871 -amend Notice of 527 5/11/2014
Report ending 12/31/2013
Third Quarter Report ending 9/30/2013
Second Quarter Report ending 6/30/2013
First Quarter Report ending 3/31/2013
Report Ending 12/31/2012
Report Ending 6/30/2012
Report Ending 12/31/2011
Report Ending 10/15/2011
Report Ending 6/30/2011
Report Ending 4/15/2011
Report Ending 1/30/2011
Report Ending 10/15/2010
Report Ending 7/15/2010
Notice of Section 527 Status


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