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Lobbying Trends*


*Effective 2010 lobbyist no longer file reports.

This page provides an historical overview of the total amount of executive branch lobbying activity.

*The information on this page reflects how it was actually reported on electronically filed executive branch lobbyist reports. Information on paper filed reports was hand-entered by Board staff. Please notify us immediately of any inaccuracies.



Year Total Reports Total Spent Lobbying Executive Branch Total of Contributions to State Candidates
2009 2040 $387,543.10 $144,727.95
2008 1918 $237,545.10 $151,404.95
2007 1943 $208,720.51 $117,653.66
2006 1801 $286,788.73 $408,992.59
2005 1857 $239,182.42 $146,876.50
2004 1877 $287,252.43 $202,242.92
2003 1901 $218,886.13 $123,124.89


To view filed lobbyist reports from 2003-2009 click here.

To view filed client reports click here.

To view a summary total for each calendar year quarter for 2003-2009 click here.