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Personal Financial Disclosure Statements


These reports are filed annually on April 30 for each year the person was in a required position (see Iowa Code 68B.35). Candidates for statewide office file the report on April 30 of the year in which the candidates are on the ballot. Reports cover the previous year.



* Reports filed from 1999-2003 are available for viewing at the Board's office upon request. (The Board is in the process of scanning and posting these records.  Please check the above link.  As each filed year is scanned it will be added to this page.)

* Some members of the General Assembly serve on boards of the executive branch that would require filing with the Ethics Board. Pursuant to rule 351-7.1(3) a member of the General Assembly who files a form with the Secretary of the Senate or Chief Clerk of the House is not required to file an additional form with the Board. Statements of Economic Interests filed by legislators are posted on the General Assembly's Web site at: