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Session Function Totals


This page reflects the total amount of money spent and the total number of reports filed concerning functions held during the legislative session and every member of the legislature being invited to attend.


Year Total Spent* Number of Reports Filed
2009 $259,505.30 101
2008 $194,848.90 86
2007 $217,684.89 104
2006 $221,639.36 101
2005 $264,381.24 117
2004 $132, 552.41 42


*Note that these reports disclose the total amount spent on the function and not the amount actually spent on governmental personnel. These totals are compiled by the Board's staff. Due to reporting inconsistencies and legibility issues, some totals reflect interpretations on the actual amounts reported. Best efforts are utilized to obtain correct figures.

** Beginning in 2010, all reports are filed with the legislature and the Board links to those reports.  The Boards' page to session reports is here