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What Schedules A-H Mean on State/Local Reports


DR-2 is the summary page that shows total amounts raised and spent by the committee during the reporting period.

Schedule A lists the contributors to the committee during the reporting period.

Schedule B lists the expenditures by the committee during the reporting period.

Schedule C is no longer in use.

Schedule D lists the debts of the committee.

Schedule E lists the in-kind contributions to the committee. These are goods or services that are provided for less than the fair market value of the good or service.

Schedule F lists the loans to the committee (Part I) and the repayments of loans by the committee (Part II).

Schedule G lists the consultants hired by the committee, including contract period, expected cost, and expected performance (Part I) and the breakdown of expenditures by the consultant such as for advertisements to radio stations or newspapers (Part II). EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005, ALL COMMITTEES HIRING A CONSULTANT WILL HAVE TO FILE SCHEDULE G. PRIOR TO THAT DATE ONLY A CANDIDATE'S COMMITTEE USED SCHEDULE G.

Schedule H lists the purchases of campaign property in excess of $500 by candidates (Part I) and lists the sales or transfers of campaign property until the residual value of the property is less than $100 (Part II). THIS SCHEDULE IS USED BY A CANDIDATE’S COMMITTEE ONLY.