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Consumer News Releases


August 2009

08-18-09 State AGs Push for CFPA U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

July 2006

07-10-06 Miller: Lorillard Tobacco Agrees to Steps to Reduce Illegal Internet Cigarette Sales.

June 2006

06-8-06 "People to People Student Ambassador" Program Agrees to Modify Representations About How Students are "Selected" for International Travel.

May 2006

05-15-06 Miller Sues MemberWorks, Inc.
05-11-06 Iowa Asks Court for Order to Ensure Full Tobacco Payments.

March 2006

03-24-06 $48,000 Awarded to Cancer Organizations from Anti-Trust Case.
03-22-06 Court Okays Largest Consumer Restitution in Iowa History.
03-21-06 Time Inc. is Required to Reform its Magazine Sales Practices.

February 2006

02-23-06 Temporary Injunction Issued Against "See Clearly Method" Company -- Vision Improvement Technologies.
02-08-06 State Treasurer Sues to Obtain Iowans' Uncashed Rebate Checks.

January 2006

01-23-06 Miller: Ameriquest Will Pay $325 Million and Reform its Lending Practices.

December 2005

12-21-05 ConocoPhillips Agrees to Measures Designed to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Minors.

12-9-05 Court Orders Seller of $2,000 Vacuum Cleaners to Clean Up Its Act.

12-9-05 "Teledraft" Electronic Withdrawal Company Ordered Not to Assist Deceptive Telemarketing Schemes.

12-6-05 Miller: Enact "Car-Title Loan" Law.

12-1-05 Auto Receivables Trust Agrees to Better Loan Terms for Dan Nelson Customers.

November 2005

11-18-05 Miller: Beware of Wire Transfers to Scams.

11-4-05 States Allege Illegal Agreement Prevented Generic Version of Oral Contraceptive.

11-4-05 Miller: Don't Buy Flood-Damaged Vehicles.

October 2005

10-4-05 MCI WorldCom to Pay Iowa $2.7 Million in Tax Claims.

September 2005

9-14-05 FSB Financial Agrees to Better Loan Terms for Dan Nelson Customers..

August 2005

8-30-05 Miller Sues Door-To-Door Salesman: Suit alleges Clive company uses deceptive tactics to gain access to consumer households and fails to provide refunds under the Iowa Door-to-Door Sales Act.

8-25-05 MetaBank Agrees with State to Provide Better Loan Terms to Dan Nelson Automotive Customers.

July 2005

7-6-05 First PREMIER Bank Agrees to Deny Automatic Withdrawal Services to Telemarketing Scams

June 2005

6-29-05 AGs ask CardSystems Inc. to Explain Data Breach and Alert Consumers
6-22-05 Iowa to Spend Microsoft Attorney Fee Funds on Law Enforcement
6-10-05 Company that Claimed to Sell "Winning" Lottery Numbers Must Make Consumer Refunds

May 2005

5-24-05 State Sues Heather Manor Property Owners
5-10-05 Miller Urges Passage of "Car-Title Loan" Bill.

April 2005

4-28-05 A.G. Urges Passage of "Car-Title Loan" Bill: Miller calls the extremely-high-interest loans "abusive and unconscionable.
4-26-05 More than One Million Iowa Phones Now on "Do Not Call" Registry.
4-19-05 Tobacco Industry Pays $54 Million to Iowa Tobacco Settlement Authority.
4-19-05 Statement of Thomas J. Miller, Attorney General of Iowa: In Support of H.R. 1182, The "Prohibit Predatory Lending Act".
4-1-05 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office: Commenting on the Iowa Supreme Court decision in State of Iowa vs. Cutty's Des Moines Camping Club, Inc.

March 2005

3-29-05 Blockbuster settles with states over allegations that "No Late Free" program was misleading. Consumers may be eligible for refunds if they allege they were misled.
3-17-05 Purchasers of Antidepressant Drug "Remeron" May File for Payments.
3-3-05 A.G. asks Court to Order List Broker to Respond to Telemarketing Fraud Probe.

February 2005

2-28-05 Miller: Order Free Credit Reports Starting March 1, Consumers are entitled to one FREE report per year from each of the three national credit reporting agencies.

2-15-05 "Electracash, Inc." Agrees to Stop Processing Withdrawals for Telemarketing Scams.

January 2005

1-31-05 Miller: States Launch SUV Safety Education Program $27 million public education campaign is aimed at preventing deadly roll-overs.
1-14-05 Credits, Refunds for Iowans Billed for Adult Web Material They Did Not Access or Agree to Buy.
1-13-05 States Settle with Company that Shared Students' Information with Commercial Firms.
1-10-05 States Reach Agreement with State Farm Insurance that Will Result in $40 Million to Consumers.
1-07-05 Attorney General Alleges Consumer Fraud by Dan Nelson Automotive Group.
1-6-05 Attorney General to Fareway: Accept Bottles and Cans Unless There is an Approved Alternative Redemption Center.

December 2004

12-16-04 Settlement Reached in "Pickles" the Steer Dispute.

November 2004

11-10-04 A.G. Sues "American Deputy Sheriffs' Assn.".

October 2004

10-5-04 Iowa Teams With U.S. and Multi-National Officials in "Operation Roaming Charge," a Campaign Against Telemarketing Fraud.
10-1-04 A.G. Investigates "Spectacular Estate Auction" Set for Saturday in Sioux City -- then Company Cancels the Auction.

September 2004

9-17-04 A.G. Suit: Electronic Withdrawal Company Assisted Deceptive Telemarketing Schemes.
9-3-04 A.G. Impounds Mail Allegedly Part of Scams Targeting the Elderly.

August 2004

8-30-04 CDs Going to Iowa Libraries.
8-23-04 Iowa Receives More Tobacco Payments.
8-18-04 Grocery-Coupon "Business Opportunity" Scheme Barred From Iowa..

July 2004

7-21-04 Verizon, Cingular and Sprint PCS agree to coverage maps
and return policies that help consumers.

7-21-04 States Sue Top Five U.S. Global-Warming Polluters.

June 2004

6-30-04 Meat Seller Must Make Refunds.
6-29-04 Iowa Educators to Hone "Financial Literacy" Teaching Skills at Workshop.
6-11-04 States Allege Inflated Lease Payoffs -- Ford Motor Credit and Dealers Make Payments.
6-04-04 Iowans Receive $116,000 in "Taxol" Cancer-Drug Antitrust Settlement.

May 2004

5-28-04 Avoid Flood-Related Consumer Scams.
5-25-04 States Settle with Telecommunications Firm - New Access.
5-25-04 Iowa Court Orders California Alternative High School to Cease Iowa Operations.
5-19-04 Telemarketer Barred from Iowa -- and Must Make Full Refunds.
5-14-04 A.G. Sues Door-to-Door Meat Seller.

April 2004

4-30-04 Alleged Nationwide Scheme Preying on the Elderly Must Stay Out of Iowa - and Take Iowans Off Prospect Lists.
4-26-04 Miller:  Medco to Change Deceptive and Unfair Business Practices.
4-2-04 Iowa asks Court to Shut Down "California Alternative High School".
4-1-04 Iowa Aims to Block Coal-Company Merger: Six States argue that merger could result in higher prices for crucial Wyoming coal -- and higher electricity rates for customers.

March 2004

3-2-04 Online Tobacco Company Barred from Sales in Iowa.
3-2-04 Davenport Citgo Business Sued for Consumer Fraud.

February 2004

2-27-04 Attorney General: Hired-Fundraiser Diverted Donations Meant for Charities.
2-19-04 113,000 Iowans About to Receive CD Payments Totaling Almost $1.6 Million.

December 2003

12-16-03 $1.5 Million On Its Way to Iowa Household Finance Customers.
12-11-03 Iowa A.G. Seizes Mail, Thwarting Nationwide Predatory Telemarketing Scam.

November 2003

11-18-03 State Sues Professional Fundraiser -- Xentel, Inc..
11-10-03 Miller: Major Tobacco Companies Agree to Eliminate Advertising from School Editions of Weekly News Magazines.
11-7-03 Attorney General Investigating Sale of Questionable Bullet-Proof Vests.
11-3-03 A.G. Sues Door-to-Door Meat Seller.

October 2003

10-22-03 Modeling Agency Ordered to Curtail Operations.
10-16-03 Ohio Company Selling "Miraculous" Heart Drops Pays $35,000 in Refunds to Iowans.

September 2003

9-30-03 Miller: Wal-Mart to Up Efforts to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors.
9-30-03 Attorney General Staffer Helping Lead Crisis Response Team to Minnesota Community Where One High School Student Killed Another.
9-29-03 Bankruptcy Filing in Wolford Group Case.
9-26-03 Miller: Mail-Order Tobacco Seller Violates Consumer Fraud Act.
9-25-03 Miller: $52,000 to Time Inc. Sweepstakes Victims.
9-17-03 Miller Urges Iowans to File Claims in Prescription Drug Overcharge Cases.
9-5-03 Court Appoints Receiver to Control Wolford Group Assets and Affair.

August 2003

8-20-03 State Alleges Consumer Fraud by Wolford Group.
8-14-03 Miller: Household Home Loan Holders in Iowa to Receive $1.49 Million in Refunds.
8-13-03 Miller Urges Iowans to File Claims in "Cardizem CD" Prescription Drug Case.

July 2003

7-30-03 New Law Creates List of Cigarettes that May Be Legally Sold in Iowa.
7-30-03 Attorney General Obtains Judgment Against Telemarketing Firm.
7-29-03 Attorney General Obtains Judgment Against Home Improvement Contractor.
7-24-03 Miller: Cancer-Drug Refunds Available in "Taxol" Case.
7-08-03 Iowa Educators to Hone "Financial Literacy" Teaching Skills at Workshop.

June 2003

6-27-03 U.S. "Do Not Call" Registry Launched.
6-18-03 Miller: File for Refunds in "BuSpar" Rx Drug Case.
6-17-03 Deadline Extended to July 31 for Claims on Non-StarLink Corn.

May 2003

5-16-03 Billings for Collect Telemarketing Calls.
5-12-03 Paint Manufacturers Agree to Steps to Protect Children from Lead Paint Poisoning.
5-7-03 Miller: Change Iowa Law to Protect Iowans' Health.

April 2003

4-30-03 Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Federal Trade Commission, and 27 Other State Law Enforcers Target Internet Auction Fraud..
4-24-03 States and Bristol-Myers Reach "Taxol".
4-24-03 H&R Block to Reimburse Certain Customers.
4-23-03 Attorneys General Caution Automakers on SUV Advertising.
4-16-03 States and U.S. Settle with ADM on Air Pollution: Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office.

March 2003

3-7-03 Gas Prices: Letter to the Federal Trade Commission from AGs of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

February 2003

2-25-03 Consumer Alert: File for CD Payments!
2-11-03 Miller Issues Warning: Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam.

December 2002

12-31-02 Credit Card Company Agrees to Protect Consumers on Telemarketers' Solicitations.
12-20-02 Miller: Ford Motor Co. Will Pay $51.5 Million in Nationwide Settlement With Attorneys General.
12-19-02 Miller: BP Amoco Strengthens Policies to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Kids.
12-16-02 Miller: All Fifty States Join Settlement with Household Finance.

November 2002

11-29-02 States Will Not Appeal in Microsoft Case.
11-26-02 State Sues Initiators of Alleged Illegal Pyramid Scheme.

October 2002

10-31-02 Miller: Block Satellite TV Merger that Would Harm Rural Customers and Reduce Choice for all Iowans.
10-22-02 Attorney General Sues Cutty's Camping Club.
10-18-02 Miller Urges Iowans to Beware of Deceptive Solicitation Disguised as a Bill from Qwest.
10-11-02 Miller: Iowa's Share of Household Settlement Could Reach about $1.3 Million.

September 2002

9-30-02 States Settle Case that Alleged Record Industry Thwarted Competition in Compact Disc Sales.
9-10-02 Warren County Man Ordered to Pay $332,000 for Selling Fraudulent Investments to Older Iowans.
9-6-02 States Allege Antitrust Violations by Salton, Inc. on "George Foreman Contact Grills".

August 2002

8-13-02 ExxonMobil Taking Strong Action to Block Tobacco Sales to Children.
8-7-02 State Sues Bristol-Myers Squibb Alleging Antitrust.

July 2002

7-26-02 Miller: Eli Lilly & Co. Agrees to Safeguards for Consumers' Personal Information.
7-11-02 Miller: Sweepstakes Victims Will Receive Almost $1 Million in Refunds.

June 2002

6-17-02 Miller: Drug Company Paying $1.26 Million to 3,619 Iowans for Rx Drug Overcharges.

May 2002
5-9-02 State and U.S. Cellular Settle Lawsuit.

April 2002
4-15-02 Tobacco Industry Paying $46 Million to Iowa Tobacco Settlement Authority Today.
4-03-02 Miller: Provide Adequate Funding for Iowa's Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program.

March 2002
3-29-02 Miller: Use Caution on "Free Trial Offers" by Telemarketers.
3-14-02 Miller Sues Used Car Dealer for not Disclosing Prior Damage and Missing Air Bags.

February 2002
02-25-02 Miller: Long Distance Companies Agree to Disclose Key Information in Ads.
02-15-02 Federal Courts Clear Way for Attorney General to Proceed on Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against U.S. Cellular.
Miller: Walgreens Taking Strong Steps to Block Tobacco Sales to Children.

January 2002
01-25-02 Miller: Give Iowans a Key Consumer Protection Tool; "Iowa consumers should have a 'private right of action' like consumers in every other state," Miller says.
1-16-02 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Qwest Policies for Sharing Account Information.

1-02-02 Miller: Caution on "Warranty USA".

December 2001
12-06-01 Attorney General Suggests How to Recover Funds Paid in "Gifting" Pyramids.

November 2001
11-23-01 Attorney General's Office Issues Warning: Avoid Illegal Pyramid.
11-13-01 Miller: Buying Clubs Ordered to Pay to Settle Deception Charges.
11-08-01 Miller: Firestone to Make More Consumer Refunds and Pay Half Million to State.
11-06-01 Microsoft Case: Iowa Not Settling at this Time.

October 2001
10-30-01 Miller: Put Allergy Notices on Food Labels.
10-25-01 Miller: Avoid Buying "Cipro" on Internet for Anthrax.
10-18-01 Miller: "Nigeria Letter Scam", Pitches are Hitting Heavily Again in Iowa.
10-10-01 Miller: Propane Company to Pay Refunds: Level Propane Gases Inc. Also Must Change Business Practices.

September 2001
9-20-01 Attorney General's Opinion: Cities have authority to require home inspections for homes sold on contract
9-13-01 Attorney General's Office Encourages Gasoline Refunds
9-12-01 Attorney General's Office Tells Gas Sellers to Avoid Exorbitant Prices
9-06-01 Remarks of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, a leader of the 18-State Microsoft Working Group of States, regarding plaintiffs not seeking breakup in Microsoft antitrust case
9-06-01 Miller Urges Iowans to File for $1 Million in Refunds in Prescription Drug Antitrust Case

August 2001
8-31-01 Attorney General Cautions: Avoid Campus Credit Card Debt Trap
8-30-01 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller On European Commission Microsoft Action Today
8-01-01 State Obtains Judgments Against Fort Dodge Health Club Operators: Defendants ordered to make refunds

July 2001
7-27-01 Statement by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller: On A Lawsuit to Block the United Airlines - US Airways Merger
7-26-01 Miller Tells Congressional Committee of Predatory Lending Problems and Vows They Will Be A Main Priority Of His Office
7-24-01 Aventis Signs Supplemental Agreement to Mitigate Losses from StarLink Corn; Miller says binding contract spells out how farmers can be compensated who found StarLink "Cry9C" protein completely unexpectedly
7-12-01 Comment of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, on on New Mexico announcing it is settling with Microsoft July 12, 2001
7-11-01 Statement of Tom Miller Attorney General of Iowa on Microsoft Announcing "Flexibility to OEMs"
7-10-01 Settlement With State Will Freeze Electric Rates for Five Years and Provide for New MidAmerican Energy Power Plants
7-03-01 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Merger Being Called Off Between United Airlines and US Airways
7-03-01 Acting Consumer Advocate Named by Attorney General Miller
7-02-01 Iowa Joins Antitrust Suit Alleging Prescription Drug Maker Illegally Blocked Generic Version of Popular Blood Pressure Medication

June 2001
6-28-01 Statement of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, on the Microsoft Appeals Court Decision of June 28, 2001
6-26-01 Miller: Iowa Settles With Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes giant PCH must change practices and make consumer refunds
6-22-01 Bill Brauch Named Winner of Marvin Award
6-20-01 Comment from Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

May 2001
5-25-01 Statement of the Attorney General's Office: Charge is filed in the death of Tanner Wilson
5-23-01 Contact Lens Antitrust Lawsuit Settled - Lens Wearers Eligible for Benefits
5-17-01 Miller: Protect Farmers Threatened by Concentration in Agriculture
5-11-01 Statement of the Attorney General's Office Regarding Wunschel Oil Co. of Ida Grove
5-08-01 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Use of Money for Education Purposes from the "Endowment for Iowa's Health"
5-02-01 Miller: Avoid Flood-Related Consumer Scams

April 2001
4-30-01 Miller: Iowans Eligible for $1 Million in Refunds in Case Alleging Monopoly Scheme by Giant Prescription Drug Maker
4-25-01 Miller: "Nigeria Letter Scam", Pitches are Hitting Heavily Again in Iowa
4-19-01 Attorney General's Office Concludes Gas Price Investigation
4-17-01 State's Tobacco Prevention Program is Effective and Essential and Should be Extended Without Cuts
4-16-01 Iowa Receives $35 Million from Tobacco Industry Today: Miller says the total received now tops $125 million

March 2001
3-16-01 State Sues Fort Dodge Health Club Operators
3-15-01 Attorney General Cracks Down on Home Repair Fraud
3-13-01 Miller Presents Testimony to U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Airline Competition Issues
3-01 Prevent Home Repair Scams and Disputes

February 2001
2-20-01 Bausch & Lomb to Pay $17.5 Million in Contact Lens Antitrust Case
2-2-01 Beware of Scheme Targeting African Americans

January 2001
1-17-01 Miller Backs US DOT on Protecting Competition in Airline Industry
1-16-01 Miller Proposes New Tobacco Laws: The measures focus on reducing sales to and use by young Iowans.
1-04-01 Progressive Insurance Will Pay $87,500 to Buyers of "Salvage Title" Cars: Auto insurance company acknowledges that damaged cars should have been given a "salvage title" before being resold.

December 2000

12-29-00 Iowa Receives $19 Million from Tobacco Industry on Friday: Miller says the total received since late last year is $90 million.
12-08-00 Georgia Telemarketer Found Guilty of Felony Charges in Iowa Criminal Trial
12-05-00 Des Moines Agencies Receive Antitrust Funds from Attorney General Tom Miller for Toys and Educational Materials

November 2000

11-14-00 Court Orders Wunschel Oil to Let DNR Clean Up Petroleum Contamination Site in Ida Grove
11-04-00 Miller: Oil Overcharge Payments to Iowa Top $77 Million

October 2000

10-16-00 Miller: Replace "NHTSA Advisory" Tires as well as Bridgestone/Firestone Recalled Tires
10-13-00 Miller: Change Iowa Law to Increase Anti-Trust Recoveries

September 2000

9-26-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller: The U.S. Supreme Court today declined to hear the Microsoft case on direct appeal from the Federal District Court
9-22-00 Miller says US Bank Agrees to Protect Customer Privacy
9-20-00 State Wins Round One vs. U.S. Cellular
9-18-00 Miller Asks Congress for Power to Enforce Consumer Protection Laws Against Airlines
9-01-00 State Files Environmental Lawsuits Naming Wunschel Oil Company in Ida Grove

August 2000

8-29-00 Attorney General Issues Tips for Owners of Tires Recalled by Bridgestone/Firestone
8-18-00 Attorney General's Office Issues Warning: Avoid Illegal Pyramid
8-15-00 Attorney General Cautions: Avoid Campus Credit Card Trap!
8-09-00 Miller Backs Surgeon General's Plan to Reduce U.S. Smoking Rate by Half by 2010.
8-08-00 States Sue Record Industry for Thwarting Competition in Sales of Compact Discs

July 2000

7-28-00 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office: Update on Gas-Price Investigations
7-20-00 Miller: Protect Privacy of Customers --Especially Kids
7-12-00 Iowa to be Paid in Case Alleging Monopoly Scheme by Giant Prescription Drug Maker

June 2000

6-26-00 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller: Attorney General Investigating Gas Price Increases.
6-15-00 DeCoster to be Classified as First "Habitual Violator"
6-07-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller Regarding Judge Jackson's Decision in the Microsoft Antitrust Case

May 2000

5-17-00 Comment by the Microsoft Working Group on the reply by the States and US Justice to Microsoft's Proposed Remedies
5-17-00 American Family Publishers to Change Sweepstakes Tactics
5-10-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft's Proposed Remedies

April 2000

4-28-00 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft Remedies Proposed by the States and the U.S. Department of Justice
4-25-00 "Tuff Customer" Project Helps Teens
4-17-00 Iowa Receives $31 Million from Tobacco Industry Today
4-11-00 Iowa Sues United States Cellular
4-03-00 Statement by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Microsoft Conclusions of Law

March 2000

3-16-00 Miller Warns Car Buyers: Beware of North Carolina Flood-Damaged Cars
3-06-00 Miller: Iowa Receiving Share of $34 Million Settlement with Shoe Maker "Nine West"

February 2000

2-18-00 Long-Distance Telephone "Slammer" Ordered to Pay Refunds
2-14-00 Attorney General Takes Action on Online Auction Complaints
2-11-00 Miller: Iowa Lags in Reducing Tobacco Use
2-09-00 Court Orders "Special Master" in Smithfield/Murphy/Stoecker Case
2-04-00 State Alleges "Sham" Transactions in Smithfield/Murphy Acquisition Case
2-02-00 State of Iowa Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Iowa's ATM Law

January 2000

1-26-00 Miller Asks Court to Order Publishers Clearing House to Cooperate with Investigation or Stop Operation in Iowa
1-25-00 Judge Blocks Smithfield Foods Acquisition of Iowa Assets of Murphy Farms
1-24-00 Miller Sues Smithfield Foods to Block Acquisition of Murphy Farms in Iowa
1-11-00 Consumer Protection Division Sues Bettendorf Marketers of "Breast-enlargement" Device
1-07-00 A Tobacco-Prevention Plan for Iowa's Kids, Iowa's Health, and Iowa's Future

December 1999

12-30-99 Warning: "Y2K readiness survey that asks for fax-reply to 900-number
12-03-99 Attorneys General Call for Action Against "Bidi" Cigarettes

November 1999

11-23-99 Tobacco Settlement One Year Old Today
11-16-99 States Blow Whistle on MCI Billing Practice
11-12-99 Miller: Green Light for Tobacco Payments to States
11-09-99 Miller Announces Timely Tips for Charitable Giving

October 1999

10-22-99 Altoona Waste Hauler Sentenced

September 1999

9-30-99 Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that Mazda Motor of America Inc. has agreed to change its national ads for auto lease vehicles and to pay $50,000 to Iowa as part of the settlement.
9-23-99 10,000 New Kids Smoking in Iowa
9-22-99 Miller Welcomes U.S. Tobacco Lawsuit
9-10-99 "A Thousand Lives"
9-01-99 Miller Questions Publishers Clearing House Class Action Settlement

August 1999

8-12-99 31 N.W. Iowa School Districts Receiving $141,480 as a Result of Alleged Price-Fixing in School Milk Sales

June 1999

6-30-99 Iowa to Receive $76 million in tobacco payments no later than one year from today. Miller: Use tobacco funds to prevent youth addiction and improve health of Iowans.

May 1999

5-25-99 Toys 'R' Us Will Pay over $40 Million in Cash and Toys to Settle States' Antitrust Lawsuit
5-24-99 Iowa to receive $234 Million "Bonus" for its Work on Tobacco Lawsuit

April 1999

4-29-99 Georgia Telemarketer Pleads Guilty

March 1999

3-16-99 Miller Sues Company That Sells Medical Discount Cards
3-10-99 Lipo Slim Briefs: "Not Available in Iowa."
3-03-99 Miller Files Long Distance "Slamming" Suit

February 1999

2-25-99 Miller Warns Marshalltown Area About "Nigeria Letter Scam"
2-12-99 Miller Files Suit Against Alleged "Toner Pirate"
2-05-99 Miller in Rochester NY for Airline Competition
2-04-99 Criminal Telemarketing Charge Filed
2-03-99 Miller Hails Decision in Northwest Airlines Case

January 1999

National Consumer Protection Week Focuses on Credit Issues