Welcome to the Department of Justice, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller

For immediate release -- Monday, October 26, 1998.

Attorney General Warns Offices about Labor Poster Solicitation

Des Moines -- Attorney General Tom Miller issued a warning today to Iowa employers about a mailing about notices required to be posted by state and federal labor laws. Miller said the mailing may be targeting Iowa businesses, professional offices, and non-profit organizations such as churches.

Miller said that the mailing, from the "Poster Compliance Center" notifies Iowa employers of the requirement to post worksite notices about employer rights under wage, safety and employment laws. The mailings include an order blank to offer a complete set of the nine listed posters for $36.50, plus $5.75 for shipping.

Miller said that the mailing is a common ruse used to trip unwary employers into purchasing labor posters that are available free of charge from government offices.

"Employers who receive this mailing should be wary about sending any money to this company," Miller said. "Not only is the company selling something that is available free of charge from the government, several of the statements in the letter are misleading." Miller pointed out that it states that posters "may also be available free from the issuing agencies." "There is no 'may' about it," Miller said. "We contacted the agencies and the posters are available free of charge."

Miller also said that the mailing warns of fines as high as $7,000 for each violation for failure to post federal OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Act) posters. Miller said his office placed a call to federal OSHA officials and learned that the maximum fine for failure to post the signs is really $ ____ and that the $7,000 maximum applies to other violations.

Miller said the stark black and white mailing made it appear to be from an official, government or government-approved source, when, in fact, it was from a private company. He said the mailings are similar to those received by parents of newborns, offering to obtain Social Security Numbers for the children for a fee.

Miller's public warning regarding the mailing was a follow-up to his announcement last week of a office scam project to help business, professional and non-profit offices avoid becoming victims of consumer scams. Miller encouraged businesses to check out questionable offers by calling his Consumer Protection Division at 515-281-5926. He said copies of an "Office Scam Alert" brochure prepared by his office in cooperation with a variety of Iowa businesses and business, professional and non-profit organizations was available by writing:
Consumer Protection Division, Hoover Building, Des Moines, IA 50319

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