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First You Win, Then You Lose
Smarter Holiday Shopping
How to Hinder Hackers? Protect Your Password!
Social Media Safety & Security
Navigating the New Health Insurance Marketplace
Don’t Touch That Wire! Money Transfer Scams
Work-at-Home Scams: Money for Nothing
Choosing and Buying the Right Pet
A Lesson in For-Profit Colleges
Identity Theft & Medical Identity Theft Target Older Iowans
Some Guidance on Giving
Online "Steals": Internet Counterfeiting and Piracy
Tax Refund Loans: High Costs for Quick Cash
Beware of "Free Trial Offers"
Beware: Counterfeit Check Scams
Counterfeit Cashier’s Check Scam Grows
Beware of Foreclosure "Rescue" Scams
Freezing Your Credit Report (PDF)
Gift Card Fact Sheet – and Tips for Consumers
Beware of "Spam" Scams
“Take the Grand Scam Challenge” – consumer education games and quizzes online
Warning: Internet Phishing Scams
Hurricane Scams
International Lottery Schemes: You're the Loser!
Internet Auctions: "Going, Going, Gone!"
Do's and Don'ts for Online Shopping
Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam: Warning! Phony Cashier's Checks Cheat On-Line Sellers.
"Free" and "Low-Cost" Computers: Beware of Unexpected Costs
Protect Kids' Privacy Online