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Charitable Giving
Don’t Touch That Wire! Money Transfer Scams
Unauthorized Cellular Phone Bill Charges: Cramming
Tips for Happier Holiday Shopping
Identity Theft & Medical Identity Theft Target Older Iowans
Some Guidance on Giving
Beware of "Free Trial Offers"
Beware: Counterfeit Check Scams
"Phishing" Scams Use New Tricks
The National "Do Not Call" List
Tips on How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan That Works Best for You
Beware of Foreclosure "Rescue" Scams
Hurricane Scams
You're Taking a Chance When You Enter Sweepstakes
Guard Your Bank Accounts
Caution: Watch What You Sign
"Dial 10-10" -- But Only if You Know all the Details
How to Avoid Unwanted "Junk Mail" and Telephone Solicitations
Surprising Revelations from "Psychic Hotlines"
Telephone Fraud Alert: "Cramming"
Hang Up on Telemarketing Fraud. How to Avoid being Cheated by Telephone Con-Artists and Avoid Unwanted Calls
How to Hang up on Long Distance Slamming
Don't Gamble on Illegal Lottery Schemes
Magazine Subscription Schemes