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Across the state, crime victims and other concerned parties use IowaVINE for access to timely and reliable information about the custody status of an offender.* Information is available from victim service trained operators 24-hours a day by telephone.  Victims can receive automated notification 24/7/365 by telephone, the internet, or email.  IowaVINE is a free and anonymous telephone service that provides victims of crime two important features: information and notification. 

* DO NOT depend solely on IowaVINE for protection from the offender.  If you feel you may be at risk, contact your local law enforcement agency or your local victim service program for immediate support.

Iowa Code §915.16, provides that a county sheriff or other person in charge of the local jail or detention facility shall notify a registered victim of the following:

  • The offender’s release from custody on bail and the terms or conditions of the release.
  • The offender’s final release from local custody.
  • The offender’s escape from custody.
  • The offender’s transfer from local custody to custody in another locality.

**Click here to register with IowaVINE for information and notification regarding an offender.

What is IowaVINE?

  • IowaVINE is a crime victim information and notification system that tracks criminals who have been arrested by law enforcement or convicted by the justice system.
  • IowaVINE is a free, 24-hour, confidential, computer-based service that provides crime victim information and notification via telephone and/or computer and/or text message.
  • IowaVINE is anonymous.  The offender will not know you are registered with IowaVINE.
  • IowaVINE was created to provide information, notification, and peace of mind for crime victims.
  • IowaVINE is also available to anyone who seeks public information about the custody and location of an offender.
  • IowaVINE is funded by the Statewide Automated Victim Information (SAVIN) grant program operated by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance, and by the Compensation Fund, a fund comprised entirely of fines and penalties paid by convicted criminals.

What Does IowaVINE Do?

  • IowaVINE uses computer and telephone technology to automatically notify crime victims and interested parties about changes in an offender’s custody status.
  • IowaVINE provides information about an offender’s apprehension, transfer, release, escape, or death.

How Does IowaVINE Provide Notification?

  • You can register your telephone number and/or email address with IowaVINE.  To register your phone number, call the IowaVINE toll-free line at 1-888-7-IAVINE, or go to www.vinelink.com.  If you wish to register your email address, you must go to www.vinelink.com.
  • You may register to receive notification on multiple phone numbers, including a cell phone.
  • You will choose a personal identification number (PIN) for telephone notification.  When IowaVINE calls the phone number(s) that you provide, you must enter your PIN to confirm that you have received the notification.
  • IowaVINE will continue calling you until you enter your PIN, or until 48 hours have passed.  Please have your PIN available so you can stop the notification calls.
  • If an answering machine answers, IowaVINE will leave a message and continue calling you until you enter your PIN or until 48 hours have passed.

How Else Can I Get Information From IowaVINE?

  • You can call IowaVINE at 1-888-7-IAVINE (1-888-742-8463) and receive information through an automated information system or you can call that number then press zero to speak with a trained IowaVINE operator.
  • You can go to www.vinelink.com to get offender custody status and location information online.

Update Registration Information vs. Re-Registration

  • If your phone number or email address changes, you will want to update your registration information.  You can update your registration information by visiting www.vinelink.com.  Click on “Update Registration.”  Do NOT re-register with your new information.
  • If you change phone numbers, please delete your former phone number from IowaVINE.
  • An offender in a county jail will receive a new identification number if transferred to an Iowa Department of Corrections prison or another county jail.  You must reregister with IowaVINE once the offender is moved to a different or new facility.  The IowaVINE system will guide you through the re-registration process.

IowaVINE Links

Click here to see a Statewide Status Map of Iowa.  The IowaVINE operational status of each county jail is displayed on the map. 

Click here to display and print an IowaVINE Fact Sheet.

Click here to display a quick reference guide on how to register for IowaVINE.

Contact Information

To obtain additional information, call the toll-free number or email our Victim Rights Coordinator and Program Manager Rhonda Dean.

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