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For release Tuesday, February 25, 2002

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Consumer Alert: File for CD Payments!
Filing a claim is easy - and could result in payment of about $15.

Over 75,000 Iowans have filed claims, and thousands more are eligible.
The deadline to file is March 3.

DES MOINES.  Attorney General Tom Miller is urging Iowans to file for a refund in the "CD" compact disk antitrust case before the filing deadline of midnight, March 3.

Miller said more than 75,000 Iowans have filed claims already and that the average payment is likely to be about $15 per person. The refunds come in connection with an antitrust case filed by states alleging that major music distributors and retailers kept CD prices artificially high.

"Iowans are filing at a faster clip than anywhere else in the nation, but we only have one week to go before the March 3 deadline," Miller said. "Iowa news media have done a great job informing Iowans about this excellent opportunity. It looks like it's going to bring over $1 million to Iowans."

"It's quick, and it's easy," Miller said. "We strongly urge Iowans still to file a claim on-line or by phone. No proof of purchase is needed. We hope Iowans will make a claim for their share."

  • Consumers who bought recorded music from 1995 through 2000 can file a claim, but consumers may file only one claim.
  • File on-line: File claims or get more information at www.MusicCDsettlement.com.
  • Call toll-free to 1-877-347-4782. (The TDD/TYY toll-free number is 1-888-314-5051.)
  • It only takes a few minutes to file. Proof of purchase is not required. Claimants will be asked for their name and address, date of birth, and the last four digits of their Social Security number. Information will be kept completely confidential. Claims also may be filed by businesses and on behalf of persons who have died. Claims must be filed by March 3. Miller encouraged Iowans to try to file on line, given the approaching deadline.

The latest report on claims (Feb. 24) indicates that 75,876 Iowans have filed on-line claims out of about 2.8 million claims filed nationwide. Iowa has 1% of the nation's population but Iowans have filed about 2.7% of all claims filed on-line - the highest rate for any state. Iowa ranks 31st in population (counting Puerto Rico), but only ten much larger states have filed more claims.

The estimated likely refund will be about $15 per person -- depending on how many Americans file before the March 3 deadline next week. If hundreds of thousands more file, the average refund will dip a little. The average refund depends on how many claims are filed.

The payments result from settlement of an antitrust case in which Iowa and other states alleged that the nation's top distributors of recorded music and three large retailers entered into illegal conspiracies to raise the price of CDs and other recorded music. The suit alleged the defendants acted illegally to stop other retailers from offering CDs at discount prices. The States' action was aimed at restoring competition in the industry.

"We urge Iowans to file a claim," Miller said. "It's easy, and we are headed toward people receiving a payment. We think it is virtually sure that Iowans will receive more than $1 million all together," he said.

"We appreciate Iowa media telling the story, and we urge Iowans to spread the word among their friends and neighbors."

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