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2009 Consumer News Releases


November 2009

11-13-09 Iowa Recovers $4.3 Million from Rx Drug Makers for Overcharges to Medicaid Programs 
11-4-09 AGs:  Don’t limit States’ authority to protect consumers 

September 2009

9-2-09 States Settle with Pfizer over Marketing of Antipsychotic Drug "Geodon

August 2009

8-18-09 State AGs Push for CFPA – U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Agency

8-13-09 Eldora / Hardin County: storm-victim information

July 2009

7-30-09 CIS Internet Service information

7-23-09 Countrywide Financial info re payments to borrowers

7-16-09 DISH Network Agrees to Resolve Consumer Complaints and Avoid Unfair Practices.

7-15-09 Drug Companies Pay for Delaying Release of Negative Results of Cholesterol Drug Study.

7-15-09 A.G. Shuts down "Foreclosure Rescue" Company.

June 2009

6-24-09 Iowa Joins Multi-State Settlement with the TJX Companies, Inc., Over Massive Data Breach.

6-3-09 The New Chrysler Group LLC Will Honor "Lemon Law" Obligations.

May 2009

5-26-09 Miller Hails "Private Right of Action" Consumer Law.

5-20-09 "Attorney General Alleges Consumer Fraud by Professional Fundraiser.

5-14-09 "One-Year Deadline for Legal Action Could Apply if Insurance Disputes Resulted from Parkersburg Area Tornado Damage.

5-8-09 "Get-Rich-Quick" Scheme Banned from Iowa.

April 2009

4-15-09 Judge Bars Muscatine Company & Owners from Owning “Business Opportunities” Companies

February 2009

2-24-09 Hotline marks one-year anniversary. Attorney General encourages more Iowans to call.

2-2-09 States Urge OCC and OTS to Push for Affordable Mortgage Modifications.

January 2009

1-12-09 Dell Computers Making Refunds to Consumers.