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Professional Fundraiser Registration

Professional fundraisers are outside entities who raise money on behalf of charities.  These fundraisers must register with the Attorney General, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 13C.

Iowa Professional Fundraiser Law.

Professional Commercial Fund-Raiser Registration Form
Charitable Organization Financial Information Disclosure Form

"Professional commercial fund-raiser" means any person, who for compensation, solicits contributions in Iowa for a charitable organization other than the person. A person whose sole responsibility is to mail fund-raising literature is not a professional commercial fund-raiser. A lawyer, investment counselor, or banker who advises a person to make a charitable contribution is not, as a result of such advice, a professional commercial fund-raiser. A bona fide salaried officer, employee, or volunteer of a charitable organization is not a professional commercial fund-raiser.

Professional commercial fund-raisers have a more extensive form of regulation when hired by charities to raise funds on their behalf. Professional commercial fund-raisers must register with the Iowa Attorney General. You may obtain more information by visiting the Iowa Attorney General's Office website or by calling 515-281-5926.