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Protecting Charitable Giving

Iowa’s charities and non-profit community touch the lives of nearly evey person in the state.  Some charitable organizations support disaster relief, the arts, youth sports leagues, while other non-profit corporations administer hospitals, churches, and countless other programs that are vital to the community.

Iowans provide strong support for the work of charitable organizations, donating both their time and money to charitable programs.   Iowa is one of the top states for volunteer service in the nation, and the average Iowan volunteers more than 38 hours of time each year to a charitable organization.  Iowans also make generous financial contributions to charities, totaling over $1.5 billion per year.

The Attorney General works to protect the time and money Iowans donate to charity.  Our office administers and enforces Iowa’s charitable solicitation laws, and provides oversight of Iowa’s non-profit corporations, public charities, charitable trusts, and private foundations.  To help Iowans in making important personal decisions on charitable giving, the Attorney General offers a variety of resources here.

For Charities

Organizing a Non Profit in Iowa
Resources for non-profits
Professional Fundraiser Registration
Principles and Practices for Non Profits
Charitable Trust Registration

For Donors

Charitable Giving Information Resources
"Donor Beware" Consumer Advisory

Report Non-Profit Abuse (click here)