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Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

2002 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

December 2002 - Contacting Government Bodies: Are Citizens' Letters Confidential?

November 2002 - Retreats and "Working Sessions" are Open Meetings.

October 2002 - Public Access to Electronic Records.

September 2002 - Public Access to Electronic Meetings.

August 2002 - Golden Rules for Public Records Requests.

July 2002 - Closed Governmental Meetings -- Know the Nuts and Bolts for Closed Sessions.

June 2002 - "Confidential" Public Records -- The phrase "confidential public records" sounds contradictory.

May 2002 - Minutes of Public Meetings -- Minutes Should be Accurate, Complete, and Accessible.

April 2002 - Safeguarding Public Records -- Public officials need to facilitate access AND protect records.

March 2002 - Advance Agendas for Public Meetings.

February 2002 - When is a Gathering an Open Meeting?

January 2002 - Public Records Contact Persons -- Helping Iowans with Access to Public Records