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Sunshine Advisory Bulletin

2005 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

December 2005 - Deaths in a Community Can Raise Alarm: But Does the Public Have Access to Autopsy Reports?

November 2005 - Handling Government Personnel Matters: Can governmental bodies close a session to discuss hiring, performance evaluations, or discipline?

October 2005 - Can a Person "Examine" and "Copy" Electronic Data?: Yes -- Electronic Data is a Public Record!

September 2005 - The Copier Broke Down! Now What?: Public officials must furnish copies - even when the copier breaks down!

August 2005 - Getting Access to Public Records: What is a Good Faith, Reasonable Delay?

July 2005 - When Can Committees Gather in Private? Decision-Making Authority is a Key!

June 2005 - Two Strikes and You're Out! Courts can remove public officials from office on the second violation of sunshine laws

May 2005 - Iowans Can Request Public Records by Telephone, Letter, Fax, or E-mail

April 2005 - Charges Under the Public Records Law: Impose Only Actual Costs!

March 2005 - "Sunshine Week": Let the Sun Shine! March 13-19 marks "Sunshine Week," a time to focus on Iowa's sunshine laws - the Open Meetings Law, and the Public Records Law. (Iowa Code Chapters 21 and 22.) These are the laws that assure public access to meetings and public records at all levels of government in Iowa.

February 2005 - Agendas for Meetings -- Stamp it, Mail it!: Are public officials required to mail agendas in advance of meetings? Who pays for copies and postage?

January 2005 - Open Meetings? Public Records? Who informs public officials about Sunshine Laws?