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Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

2006 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

December 2006 - Can governmental bodies hold hearings in closed session?: "Yes, sometimes -- but only if expressly authorized by statute."

November 2006 - Estimating Costs for Public Record Requests: “Just how much is this going to cost?”

October 2006 - Handling New Ideas at Public Meetings: Only emergencies trump notice and agenda requirements.

September 2006 - Closed Sessions for Governmental Bodies -- Motions to close a meeting, and any final action, must be open.

August 2006 - Should a record be withheld from the public if it contains confidential information? No, officials usually can black out confidential information and release the rest.

July 2006 - Can One Member of a Governmental Body Participate in a Meeting Electronically? Iowa's Open Meetings Law allows for individual electronic participation.

June 2006 - Are Your Library Records Confidential? -- A criminal or juvenile justice agency can obtain access to library records if investigating a person suspected of committing a crime..

May 2006 - Can Members of the Public Sue to Enforce Iowa's Sunshine Laws? Yes - the law arms the public with remedies.

April 2006 - Can Public Bodies Negotiate in Private for the Purchase of Real Estate? How does Iowa's Open Meetings law operate when public bodies are purchasing real estate?

March 2006 - Open Meetings and Public Records: Let the Sun Shine!

February 2006 - Can the Public Obtain Copies of "9-1-1" Audio Tapes? Yes - audio tapes are just a different form of public record.

January 2006 - The Open Meetings Law Applies to Nonprofits Licensed to Conduct Pari-Mutuel Wagering or Gambling Games.