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Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

2007 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

January 2007 - Who's in charge of deciding access to public records? The "lawful custodian" holds the key to examination and copying.

February 2007 - Notice for Meetings of Governmental Bodies: What if more than one law requires notice?

March 2007 - Open Meetings and Public Records: Let the Sun Shine!

April 2007 - Emergency Response Plans: What Information is Open to the Public?

May 2007 - Are E-Mails and Telephone Billing Records of Peace Officers in Law Enforcement Agencies Confidential?

June 2007 - Lights! Cameras! Action! Public Access to Open Meetings

July 2007 - When is a Gathering an Open Meeting? "But, we were just having breakfast . . ."

September 2007 - Advance Agendas for Public Meetings: Agendas are the publicís invitation to watch government at work.