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The agricultural marketing and production contracts found here have been voluntarily submitted to the Iowa Attorney General's Office (Office). The Office welcomes the submission of additional contracts. Under Iowa law, it is illegal to include a confidentiality clause in most production contracts or in a contract for the purchase of livestock. (See Iowa Code sections 202.3 and 202A.4). [Get links here] Any information in contracts submitted to the Office which would identify the producers involved is removed before posting.
Purpose of Posting Contracts. Contracts are posted here as a public service The goal is to provide producers and others with useful market information that may not otherwise obtainable.

Availability of Contracts

The Office cannot warrant that contracts posted here are currently being offered to Iowa producers. The contracts may have been discontinued or offered with amendments or modifications.

No Endorsement by Office

The inclusion or exclusion of a contract here is not an endorsement or criticism of the contract by the Office.

Seek Professional Advice

The Office strongly recommends that producers consult with their attorney and financial advisor before entering into contracts posted here or other agricultural marketing and production contracts. Producers may also want to use the Attorney General's Production Contracting Checklists.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above installed on your system to view these pages (in PDF format). You can find it here. If you are visually impaired, there are special tools from Adobe that will allow you to read these files.

Contract Links:

Swine - Marketing Contracts

Farmland Industries Inc.

Hormel Foods Corporation


John Morrell & Co.

Pork Plus Inc.

Pork Technologies Inc.

Swift & Co.

Swiss Valley Ag. Service

Swine - Production Contracts

Christensen Farms & Feedlots, Inc.

Murphy Farms Inc.

Iowa Select Farms

Land O Lakes Inc.

Heartland Pork Enterprises Inc.


New Fashion Pork

Swine - Purchase Contracts

Cargill Inc.

Miscellaneous Agreements/Contracts



Cattle Production Contracts

Cattle Contracts

Cattle Marketing Contracts


Packerland Packing Co.

Poultry Contracts





Feed Grade Soybean Contract

Scoular Grain

Soybean Production Contracts

Optimum Quality Grains (Highoil)

Optimum Quality Grains (Highprotein)

Optimum Quality Grains (Highsucrose)


Crestland Cooperative Co.

World Food Processing

Organic Soybean Production Contracts

Sully Cooperative Agreement

Corn Production Contracts

Dupont Specialty Grains (Highoil)

Optimum Quality Grains (Highoil)

Cargill Performance 90


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