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Iowa Attorney General Fraud Division Equipment Complaint Form

Instructions to help us handle your complaint:

  1. Please answer all questions fully and correctly.
  2. Do you have additional materials and documents? Please alert us that you have electronically filed a complaint with your full name and address.

Please Note Important Open Records Information on the
Bottom of This Form.

Information About You: 
Name: Address: City: State: Zipcode: County: Home Phone: Work Phone: Email Address: Date of First Contact: Date of Transaction: How was First Contact Made? : Telephone : In Person : LetterCard : Other
Company: Individual:
Address: City: State: Zipcode: Home Phone: Fax:

Were Documents Signed? : No : Yes If Yes, send copies?:
Have you attempted to resolve this misunderstanding with the seller?
How did you find out about this deal.
Where was this offer advertised?
Name and date of the printed advertisement.
Word of Mouth. Identify the person who informed you.

Do you have a witness to the representations made to you about this machine? If so, please identify the person by name, address, and phone number..
Identify all persons making representations to you about this machine and state their title or position.
Please list the representations made to you about this machine. What did you understand them to mean?
Who previously owned this machine? Name, address and telephone number. How long had they owned it? From whom did they purchase it?
Please provide the following serial numbers.
Product Identification Number:

Component Serial Numbers: Motor:
Injector Pump:
Rear Axle:
Front Axle:

Have the identification plates been defaced or altered?
Do the rivets that hold the id plate appear to be original rivets?
Has any major component been overhauled or replaced?
Who did the repairs?
Ask if the tachometer shows the actual hours?
Were any guarantees or warranties given on this machine? What did you believe this to mean?
(Parts, labor; or Parts and labor; Replacement of machine).

Have you employed an attorney to help you with this matter?
Please list name, address, and phone number:
Do you have a private legal action currently pending? : No : Yes
Other consumer agencies contacted
What do you think should be done to fairly resolve your complaint?

I understand that the Attorney Generals Office is not my private attorney
but represents the public in enforcing laws designed to protect consumers from misleading or unlawful business practices. I also understand I may
contact a private attorney for legal advice.
Note: Complaints are Open Records Under Iowa law, complaint forms or letters are
"open records." The public has the right to review or obtain copies of open records.
Also, copies of complaints are routinely sent to the person or business the complaint
is directed against. Please call or write the Farm Division if you have questions about
the open records law.