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Farm Laws & Regulations

Contract Producers' Lien Law

Custom Cattle Feedlot Lien-Iowa Code, Chapter 579A
Commodity Production Contract Lien, Iowa Code, Chapter 579B
UCC Forms and Information

Other Liens of Interest

Landlord's Lien-Iowa Code, Chapter 570
Iowa Corn Growers Association Landlord's Liens Frequently Asked Questions
Thresher's or Cornshellers Lien-Iowa Code, Chapter 571
Mechanic's Lien-Iowa Code, Chapter 572
Lien For Services of Animals-Iowa Code, Chapter 580
Veterinarian's Lien-Iowa Code, Chapter 581

Confidentiality Clause Prohibition

Commodity Production Contracts-Iowa Code, Chapter 202

Fence Law

Fences-Iowa Code, Chapter 359A
Supreme Court Opinion

Corporate Farming Law

Corporate or Partnership Farming-Iowa Code, Chapter 9H

Iowa Grain Indemnity Fund

Grain Depositors and Sellers Indemnification-Iowa Code, Chapter 203D

Pesticide Law

Pesticides-Iowa Code, Chapter 206

Fertilizer Laws

Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners-Iowa Code, Chapter 200
Bulk Dry Animal Nutrient Products-Iowa Code, Chapter 200A
Agricultural Liming Material-Iowa Code, Chapter 201A

Cooperative Laws

Cooperative Associations-Iowa Code, Chapter 497
(Applicable only to associations originally chartered before July 4, 1935)

Cooperative Associations-Iowa Code, Chapter 499
(Applicable to associations formed from and after July 4, 1935)

Nonprofit Cooperative Associations-Iowa Code, Chapter 498

Collective Marketing-Iowa Code, Chapter 500

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