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The purpose of the Accountancy Board is to administer and enforce the provisions of Chapter 542C, Code of Iowa, with regard to the practice of accountancy in the State of Iowa. This includes the examination of certified public accountant and accounting practitioner candidates, issuing of certificates and licenses, granting permits to practice, investigating violations and infractions of the accountancy law and rules, revoking, suspending or refusing to renew certificates, licenses or permits.

The Board consists of eight members, five of whom shall be practicing certified public accountants, two members representing the general public and one accounting practitioner. All Board members are appointed to three-year staggered terms by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Basic Facts About the State Boards of Accountancy

In the recent Congressional discussions of the regulation of Certified Public Accountants, the role of the state boards of accountancy has been given little attention. Since many state boards are prohibited from lobbying, legislators have not been given much information about what their own states are doing to ensure competence of their licensees. Here are some basic facts:

No one can practice public accountancy in the United States unless licensed by a state board of accountancy. The state board is the only body that can revoke a license to practice. While the Securities and Exchange Commission can prohibit a CPA from providing services for SEC registrants, the boards can revoke the ability to provide reserved services to any party.

State boards are not affiliated with any trade association. Board members, both drawn from the accounting profession and others, are appointed to serve by the Governor.

State boards of accountancy have disciplinary and enforcement powers over licensees and operate on a complaint-based system. The SEC and other government agencies have been encouraged to refer problems with licensees to the state boards. Typically, complaints brought to a board's attention are sent to its probable cause panel and a copy sent to the licensee. Once probable cause is determined, a hearing date is set and a notice of hearing sent to the licensee.

To become licensed, an individual must meet education, examination and experience requirements. To maintain a CPA license, continuing education requirements also must be fulfilled. In more than half the states a quality review is mandated for renewal of a firm's permit to practice.

Revocation of a license, or in a firm's case the revocation of a permit to practice, is only one possible outcome of the discipline process. There can be suspension for a set period of time, restriction on practice, required review prior to issuance of reports, additional required education, and/or fines.

There are approximately 577,000 licensees of the state boards (this includes the 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam). The Texas Board alone estimates it investigates and prosecutes approximately 300 alleged violations of the rules of professional conduct and the Accountancy Act per year.

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