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      Disciplinary Action 2005

JANUARY 1, 2005 - DECEMBER 31, 2005


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Barr, Barbara A05-006
Clark, John 04-068
Cleary, David 03-079
Collison, Peter 05-106
Francis, Shirley 04-111
Gregory, Phyllis A04-066
Hanson, Jennifer 05-035
Hook, Wayne 05-121
Houser II, Woodrow 05-036
Hughes, Cletus A05-018
Kelly, Michael A04-121
Kerndt Jr., John 03-095
Kiburz, Kenton 04-078
Leech, Carol 04-051
Martin, Jeffrey A04-129
McCartie, Donald 05-024
Nelson, Wesley 04-097
Parker, Lora A04-101
Robinson, Margie A04-039
Schutte, John 05-037
Schwartz, Leticia 03-141/04-092
See, Roberta 04-033
Sheffler, Julia 04-115
Small, Anita 04-101
Spartz, Joseph A04-089
Thomas Sr, Scott 03-133
Thomas Sr, Scott 04-136
Thomas Sr, Scott 05-088
Thomas Sr, Scott 05-152
Thomas, Stephanie 04-151
Thomas, Stephanie 05-131/05-153
Walker, Charles 04-055
Willmsen, Jim 05-103
Wynja, Henry A05-003

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