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      Disciplinary Action 2007

JANUARY 1, 2007 - DECEMBER 31, 2007

In order to read and print a form, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free download is available from Adobe. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
If you are still unable to print a clear copy please e-mail and request a copy by complaint number.  A copy will be returned to you via e-mail.

American First Realty & Management 07-187
Anaya, Rosa 06-167
Associates Realty LLC 07-051
Barkalow, Tracy 04-165
Batterson, Brian A07-008
Beers, Diane 07-209
Behr, Edward 07-186
Beierschmitt, Lori A06-025
Bousselot, Tisha 07-062
Boyer Young Real Estate Co. 07-105
Brayton, Marcia 07-032
Burmeister, Richard 06-206
Cannon, Steven 07-160
Day, Larry A07-012
Doan, R. Conrad 05-025
Downes, Gregory 07-135
Dyer, Lynette 06-090
Ebaugh, Carol 06-243
Edwards, Amanda 07-128
Farus, Mary A06-020
Fjelland, Bradley A06-023
Ford, Stephen 06-082
Fouch, Angeline 07-170
Friedrich, Kurt A07-001
Geelan, Thomas A07-011
Gerlich, Jay A07-005
Gibb, Richard 07-197
Gochnauer, Chase 06-194
Goldstein, Gary 06-066
Grampp, William A06-022
Grossen, Heidi 07-120
Hartin, Otheda 07-127
Hartman, Timothy 07-125
Herrig, Ronald 06-224
Hinkel, Sherri 07-200
Hirsch, Annette 06-173
Hocamp, Tony 07-132
Horras, James A06-014
Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services 06-232
Kacher, Scott 07-095
Kelly, Daniel 07-212
Klein, George A07-006
Knight, Michael 07-129
Koedam, Michael 07-231
Kowal, Michael Edward 05-101
Krohn, Emilee 07-248
Kubitz, Sharon A07-017
Kuiper, Barry 07-213
Langpaul, Roger 07-159
Larson, Nicole 07-124
Leisey, Vincent 07-199
Lowry, Doris A07-004
McAdams, Donna 07-102
McGuire, James A06-017
Means, Lori 07-043
Melby, Wayne 07-177
Michelson, Bruce 07-110
Millard-Walters, Shari 07-053
Moseley, Karen 07-101
Nelson, Dennis 06-174
Noland, Susan 07-198
Nordin, Janet 07-184
Olive, Richard A07-016
Parker, Christopher A06-024
Pei, Dick 07-188
Peterson, Steven C 04-157
Realty Dot, The 07-073
Reynolds, Janel 07-195
Robertson, Jennifer 07-072
Rudolf, Randy 07-008
Ryan, Kevin 07-196
Select Realty 06-179
Shoop, Donna 07-077
Sieperda, David A07-007
Sjerven, Connie A07-014
Smith, Erica P 07-091
Smith Real Estate Services, Inc. 07-205
Smith, Steven R 07-075
Smith, Steven R A07-003
Spearman, Robert 06-212
Spyksma, William 06-153
Steffes, Scott 06-095
Stern, Mark A06-021
Stokes, R. Keith 07-065
Suckow, Alan 07-192
Thomas, Scott 06-130
Thomas, Scott 07-049
Thomas, Scott 07-050
Thompson, John 06-208
Torres, Christopher 07-012
Torres, Christopher 07-171
Tuinstra, Bonner 07-214
White, Curtis 07-122
Winkel, Gregg 07-013

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