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Frequently Asked Questions

   General Questions

1. Is an Iowa real estate licensee permitted to participate in the various
    loan originator programs offered by mortgage lenders on the Internet?
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    Licensing Questions

1.  What is required to become a salesperson?
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2.  How do I file a complaint against a real estate agent?
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3.  How do I obtain a criminal history background kit?
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4.  What is required to become a broker?
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5. How do I know how many continuing education hours I have completed?

    The Real Estate Commission is not responsible for keeping track of continuing
    education hour

6. Ho
w many hours of continuing education is required to renew?
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7. How do I place my license on inactive status?

  543B.33  Salespersons -- change of employment.   When any real estate salesperson is discharged or terminates employment with the real estate broker by whom the salesperson is employed, the real estate broker shall immediately deliver or mail to the Real Estate Commission the real estate salesperson's license on the reverse side of which the employing broker shall set out the date and cause of termination of employment. The real estate broker at the time of mailing the real estate salesperson's license to the Commission shall address a communication to the last known residence address of the real estate salesperson stating that the license has been delivered or mailed to the Commission. A copy of the communication to the real estate salesperson shall accompany the license when mailed or delivered to the Commission.

Active to Inactive Form

8.  How do I transfer my license from one company to another?
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9.  Which states have reciprocal licensing agreements with Iowa?
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10. How will I know when my background check is complete?
     When the background check is completed the applicant will be notified by letter
     from the Commission’s office that the process is completed and they can send in
     their application for licensure.
     (There is also a link on our website: http:// listing names of
     individuals whose backgrounds are completed.)

11. Where can I find applications?
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12. How do I become active when my license is on inactive status?
If all continuing education hours have been completed, we will accept a fax with a
      signed letter from the broker requesting the licensee’s license plus proof of E & O
      Insurance.  Please include the firm license number and the agents license number
      in the letter.

What happens if I do not have all my continuing education hours complete by
       the time I renew?
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14. How do I change my name or address with the Real Estate Commission?
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15.  Once the Real Estate Commission has my completed application, how long will
       it take to get my license?  

         Normal processing time is 1 – 3 business days, if your background is done and
         does not need to go to the Commission for review.

What happens if my broker lost my license?
       The broker may fax in a signed letter telling us the license has been lost and
       asking to reissue the license.

Who do I contact to schedule my exam?
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This is my first time renewing, what classes are required?
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19.  What classes are required to renew my license?
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20.  How many hours of continuing education can I take on line?
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21.  How do I find the Certificate of License History form?
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22.  Where can I go to find my license number?
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23.  How do I know if my license is active or inactive?
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24.  Where can I purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance?
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