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2003 Meeting Minutes


MINUTES--February 27, 2003

Present: James Hughes, Chair, James O’Neill, and Dorothy Woline. Evelyn Rank and Patty Daniels absent.

Others Present: Roger Hansen, Executive Officer, Pam Griebel, Assistant Attorney General, and Susan Griffel, Education Director.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.

O’Neill moved, second by Woline to approve the minutes for the January 16, 2003 meeting with the one correction noted. Motion carried unanimously.

The tentative meeting schedule was reviewed. Hughes appointed himself and Rank to serve on the Investigation Committee for April 16, 2003.

Hughes reported that he was the guest speaker at a meeting of the Bremer-Chickasaw Board of Realtors meeting in February. In spite of the weather, the meeting was well attended. Hughes encouraged all commissioners to attend and to give presentations on the Commission’s functions at meetings of this nature whenever possible.

Griffel reported that the present exam contract with PSI is in the third year of a three- year contract that provides for optional extensions to the contract. The exam was placed out for bid in 2000 and PSI was the only bidder. Hansen described the ARELLO Disciplinary Databank and the value of detecting and discouraging false applications that fail to disclose prior license discipline in another jurisdiction

Woline moved, second by O’Neill to extend the PSI contract to June 30, 2005 and to negotiate additional provision for PSI to use the ARELLO Discipline Databank, with a $1.00 exam fee increase to cover the cost. Motion carried unanimously.

Griebel reported that the Franich case had been appealed to the Supreme Court.

Hansen reported that license renewals for this cycle were complete. It was disappointing to learn that only 150 licensees renewed online. There have been 38 complaint cases opened thus far in 2003, which is an increase. As of the date of the meeting, approximately 68 complaints were in various stages of the complaint process.

Halloran reported that final budget determinations had not been made.

Public comment. Jim Berry expressed concerns about real estate transactions Involving Iowa property being conducted by persons not licensed in Iowa.

Public comment. Paul McLaughlin, IAR, reported on legislative items the IAR is sponsoring this session and the various presentations on the program for the next IAR meeting in March. He also mentioned the Next Generation vs. Iowa Realty District Court Ruling.

O’Neill moved, second by Woline to go into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code 21.5(1)(d) and 21.5(1)(f). Roll call vote as follows: O’Neill, aye; Woline, aye; and Hughes, aye. Motion carried unanimously.

The Commission entered into closed session at 11:00 a.m. and arose therefrom at 12:07 a.m.

The Commission deferred a decision on case 03-024 pending additional information.

O’Neill moved, seconded by Woline to accept the Informal Settlement signed by the Respondent in case 02-108. Motion carried unanimously

Woline moved, seconded by O’Neill to find probable cause in cases 02-025, 02-101, and 02-107. Motion carried unanimously.

Woline moved, seconded by O’Neill to close cases, 01-101, 01-102, 01-104,

01-107, 02-003, 02-005, 02-076, 02-096, 02-097, 02-100, 02-102, and 03-004. Motion carried unanimously.

Woline moved, second by O’Neill to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:12 p.m.

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