January 9, 2003

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Raccoon River Nature Lodge

2500 Grand Avenue

West Des Moines

Call to Order

David Leshtz, Chair called the meeting to order.

Roll Call

Present were Commissioners David Leshtz, Alicia Claypool, and Dinh VanLo. Also present were Corlis Moody, Executive Director and Rick Autry, Assistant Attorney General.

Recognition of Public and Press

Commissioner Leshtz welcomed members of the West Des Moines Human Rights Commission and Sue Nielson-Patterson, Director. Thanked them for hosting the ICRC Commissioners’ Meeting. Opened the floor for City Manager Jeff Pomerantz to speak at this time. 

Gopal Krishna thanked the ICRC Commissioners for coming and gave an update of the West Des Moines Human Rights Commission accomplishments since starting three years ago. Pleased with the work and the commitment of their commissioners, but recognizes there is a lot more to learn and a long way to go yet. Appreciative of any information, guidance, and wisdom the ICRC Commissioners can give. One area the Commission is committed to is Public Education. The results of a major survey of the city’s population indicated the need for educating the public and promoting the Commission to the public. WDSM Commissioner Dottie Carpenter states knowing the facts regarding cases, numbers and what the problems are, that the ICRC receive would help them organize their resources to help their constituents.

Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by Commissioner Claypool and seconded by Commissioner VanLo to approve the November 19, 2002 Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners’ Report and Sub-Committee Reports

Commissioner Dinh Van Lo – Attended the meeting between Des Moines City Council and Des Moines Human Rights Commission.

Commissioner Claypool – No Report

Commissioner Leshtz – reported PBS would broadcast a special January 20 called Beyond Executive Director’s Report

Corlis Moody informed the Commissioners of the four staff members leaving the agency due to retirement and Early-Out Buy-outs. One of these was the manager of the Mediation Unit, which now reports to Corlis. Hopes it will continue to be as effective as in the past since its inception.  Average number of days from date unit received case to settlement was 66 days

Is submitting a new Performance Agreement to Governor and Lt. Governor to negotiate. There may be budget negotiations but not likely. It will be regarding what the agency does and how well the agency does these tasks, and how they (Governor and Lt. Governor) can make Iowa a better place.

NABRE Regional conference is scheduled for May 15-16 of 2003 at Drake University. Corlis is in charge of the logistics here in Des Moines and seeks volunteers. Hoping to double the participation with inviting Missouri and Kansas.

White Privilege Conference is to take place April 10-11, 2003. Encourages everyone to participate.

Attended HUD Conference Training held December 13 at the Marriott Downtown, Kansas City, Missouri.


Sub-Committee Reports

Action: Commissioner Claypool updated the Commissioners on the GLBT Taskforce Committee work so far. The Forum date is February 5, 2003 from 6:30 – 8:30  6:00 – 8:00 PM, at the Ames Municipal Auditorium. The Ames Human Rights Commission is providing refreshments after the forum.

        The grant from Humanities Iowa to cover the costs of the forum has been received. Meeting of the Taskforce is scheduled for this afternoon to finalize preparation and further publicizing of the Forum.

New Business

Rule Review vote tabled to the next meeting due to not having a quorum.

Rick Autry clarified the role of the Commision versues the Commissioners

Commissioner Leshtz discussed the Iowa Civil Rights Commission’s pre-filed bill on Sexual Orientation.co-sponsored by seven Senators. Iowa Civil Rights Commission’s press releases were printed in several newspapers around the State.

Old Business

No new business

Next Meeting Date

Next meeting date is March 13, 2003, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. Iowa Civil Rights Commission office.


The meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM

                                                                        Minutes submitted by Araceli Goode, Executive Secretary