Iowa Rights Commission
Commissioner’s Meeting
February 23, 2001
10:AM - 12:00 PM

Roll Call
Iowa Civil Rights Commission February 23, 2001 Board meeting was held in the Iowa Civil Rights Commission’s ICN room at 10:00 AM. Meeting was called to order by Mohamad Khan, Vice-Chairman. Roll call of commissioners present were Robert Smith via ICN, Mohamad Khan, Alicia Claypool, Flora Lee via ICN, David Leshtz, Rachel Scherle and Jack Morlan. ICRC staff members present were Ron Pothast, Business Manager of Iowa Civil Rights Commission and Araceli Goode, Executive Secretary.

Approval of Minutes
The first order of business was the approval of the December 1, 2000 Board Minutes. Alicia Claypool requested that on page 2, Paragraph 3, under her report, Faith be changed to Interfaith. Motion was made by Robert Smith and seconded by Jack Morlan to accept the minutes as written with the above correction. Motion passed unanimously.

Blackford vs. Casey’s
First order of business before the commission was the Motion to Stay Execution or Enforcement of Agency Action pending Judicial Review submitted by Casey’s attorney on the Blackford vs. Casey’s case. Teresa Baustian, AAG, explained to the Commissioners that the attorneys of both parties request that a decision by the Commissioner’s be tabled for a future Commissioners’ meeting to give the parties time to assemble their arguments. The Commissioners agreed to table this matter.

Commissioners’ Report
Robert Smith - No report
Alicia Claypool - No report
Flora Lee - No report
David Leshtz - announced the Loretta Scott King presentation being offered at Iowa City, March 7.
Jack Morlan - No report
Alicia Claypool - No report
Mohamad Khan - No report
Rachel Scherle - asked if any other commissioner had received a letter from a constituent who did not agree with the commission’s decision on the Blackford VS Casey’s case. A copy of the Register’s article was also included. Robert Smith indicated he had. She will send copies to everyone else.

Next Meeting Date
The next meeting dates set were:
March 30th, 2001 at 10:00 AM
April 20th, 2001 at 10:00AM

Executive Director’s Report
Ron Pothast presented the Executive Director’s Report. Informed the Commissioners that the commission hired six new employees. Two would be working in the Mediation Unit, one in Housing Investigation Unit and three in EEOC Investigation Unit. Ron reported the Brammer VS Linquist case that was to go before the Commissioners for review had been settled.

Legislation Report
Ron Pothast reviewed the legislation that was of interest to the commissioners:
1. SF 165 - English only - voted out of committee 2/22/01
1. HF 326 - Mediation Bill - voted out of committee 2/16/01
2. HSB 83 - Regarding changing the Public Accommodation definition to include "each jail or other penal, correctional, or detention facility of the state or a political subdivision of the state and each community-based correctional program of a judicial district department of correctional services." (Ombudsman sponsorship)

Rick Autry to gave an update on the Supreme Court decision on Alabama VS Garrett regarding employment discrimination based on disability in State government.

Guest Speaker
Ron Pothast presented the guest speaker, Tom Anderson from the Iowa Department of Education. Tom Anderson presented the report on Envisioning Inclusive Communities and Schools for the 21st Century. Question and answer session followed.

Recognition of the Public and Press
Press and other public were not present.

Motion was made by Jack Morlan and seconded by Mohamad Khan to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.