Iowa Civil Rights Commission
Commissioner's Meeting
Federal Building
Des Moines, Iowa
August 25, 2000
9:00 AM

Roll Call
Iowa Civil Rights Commission August 25, 2000 Board meeting was held in the Federal Building ICN room at 9:00 AM. Commissioners present were Mohamad Khan, Rachel Scherle, Alicia Claypool and Jack Morlan. David Leshtz and Robert Smith was present via satellite. Not present Flora Lee. ICRC staff members present were Corlis Moody, Executive Director of Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Araceli Goode, Executive Secretary, and George Peters, Compliance Manager. Also present were Teresa Baustian, AAJ, Rick Autry, AAJ, Kathy D., David Goldman, Attorney for the Complainant, Stephen Blackford, Complainant, Dawn Blackford, Dawn Blackford, Complainant’s spouse, and Elizabeth Kennedy, Attorney for the Respondent were also present.

Meeting Called to Order
The meeting was called to order by Robert Smith, Chairperson.

Approval of Minutes
The first order of business was the approval of the July 28, 2000 Board Minutes. Motion was made by Jack Morlan and seconded by Mohamad Khan to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners Reports
Commissioner Robert Smith - No report

Commissioner Mohamad Khan - No report

Commissioner Flora Lee - (Not present)

Commissioner Jack Morlan - No report

Commissioner Alicia Claypool - No report

Commissioner Rachel Scherle - No report

Commissioner David Leshtz - No report

Blackford VS Casey’s General Stores, Inc. Hearing
The next order of business was the hearing of the Blackford Vs Casey’s General Stores, Inc. case. Jack Morlan was appointed timekeeper to ensure both sides had equal time to present their arguments. Goldman, Complainant’s Attorney, presented his argument first. (Attached - Appendix A). Elizabeth Kennedy, Respondent’s attorney, then presented her argument (Attached - Appendix B) Rebuttal and questions by the commissioners followed.

The chair recognized the public at this time before requesting the commissioners convene in closed session.

The motion was made by Jack Morlan and seconded by Mohamad Khan that the commissioners go into closed session by affirmative roll call vote to discuss the decision to be rendered in the contested Blackford Vs Casey’s General Stores, Inc. case according to section 225.17A. Roll Call: Robert Smith "yes", Mohamad Khan "yes", Alicia Claypool "yes", David Leshtz "yes", Jack Morlan "yes", Rachael Scherle "yes". The motion passed and commissioners went into closed session.

The commissioners reconvened after the closed session. The chair recognized all parties were present and informed the parties the case would be remanded until the September 22, 2000 meeting as a decision had not been obtained during closed session.

Future Commissioners Meeting

September 22, 2000 - 10:00 AM ICRC office
December 1, 2000 - 10:00 AM ICRC office

Meeting adjourned by Robert Smith.