Iowa Civil Rights Commission
Commissioners Meeting
Federal Bldg.
October 20, 2000
10:00 AM

Roll Call
Iowa Civil Rights Commission October 20, 2000 Board meeting was held in the Federal Building ICN room at 10:00 AM. Meeting was called to order by Robert Smith, Chairman, via ICN. Roll call of commissioners present were Mohamad Khan, Alicia Claypool, Flora Lee via ICN, David Leshtz and Rachel Scherle. Jack Morlan was not present. ICRC staff members present were Corlis Moody, Executive Director, Araceli Goode, Executive Secretary, George Peters, Compliance Manager, Ron Pothast, Business Manager and Rick Autry, AAJ. Also present were Kathy Deremiah., Mr. Goldman’s Legal Assistant, David Goldman, Attorney for the Complainant, Elizabeth Kennedy, Ed Remsburg and Mr. Ramsey, Attorney’s for the Respondent.

Approval of Minutes
The first order of business was the approval of the September 22, 2000 Board Minutes. Motion was made by Flora Lee and seconded by Alicia Claypool to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed unanimously.

Blackford VS Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
The next order of business was the final order on the Blackford VS Casey’s case. Rick Autry explained the memo regarding the process of writing the draft decision. He stated the draft basically contained what had been submitted to the Commission with the revisions as the Commissioners ordered. The draft addressed four issues 1) reinstatement; 2) interest; 3) hearing costs and (4) training of Casey’s staff on alcoholism. Discussion followed and Mr. Autry explained the options available to the Commissioners. (1) If draft accurately portrays what the Commissioners implied in the September 22 meeting, adopt the draft as written. (2) If not accurate, specify modifications to be made. (3) Issue the Commissioners own Findings of Fact. And (4) if draft does not reflect what was voted on in September, then remand to staff to rewrite. Motion was made by Alicia Claypool and seconded by David Leshtz to delay voting until the next Commissioners’ meeting to allow time to review memo and draft. Roll call vote was Flora Lee - Aye; Robert Smith - Aye; Mohamad Khan - Aye; Alicia Claypool - Aye; David Leshtz - Aye; Rachel Scherle - Aye. Motion passed unanimously. Discussion followed regarding time limits constraints, there are none. Mr. Ramsey of Casey’s Inc. inquired if the Commission wanted Casey’s to submit any further information from them. The Commission did not request any further information from Casey’s.

Commissioners Reports
Commissioner Robert Smith - Nov. 17th Conference at Hawkeye Community College

Commissioner Mohamad Khan - Involved with discussions related to the Middle East Conflict

Commissioner Alicia Claypool - Requested more guidance from the staff regarding the issues on the cases being reviewed by the Commission, advance preparation and documents delivered before decisions are needed.

Commissioner Flora Lee - Agreed with Commissioner Claypool and reiterated the need for staff to provide guidance and training to Commissioners.

Commissioner David Leshtz - Invited the Commissioners to the November Annual Iowa City Human Rights Awards Breakfast. Another event is the Latino & Latina Conference November 4, in Iowa City and the same evening the Day of the Dead Festival.

Commissioner Rachel Scherle - Agreed with Commissioner Alicia Claypool regarding the guidance needed by the Commissioners and requested that the meeting time be 10 am from this time forward.

Commissioner Robert Smith - Agreed with the frustration that Commissioner Claypool spoke about regarding the guidance from the staff and added it was due to the changes in directors and the Commissioners rarely deciding cases. Training is needed.

Corlis Moody reassured the Commissioners that the process of training regarding hearings would be addressed and smoother in the future.

Proposed Legislation
David Leshtz presented the next item of business. He discussed the proposed Resolution he drafted and introduced at the previous meeting regarding Sexual Orientation. Citing events that suggest to him that Iowans are becoming more willing to look at their own biases and more willing to consider change. He stated that he felt a sense of urgency to address the issue of sexual orientation. Commissioner Leshtz wanted the Commission to be in a leadership role in adding Sexual Orientation to Chapter 216 of the Iowa Code. He stated he did not feel a majority of the Commission as a whole felt this urgency and therefore withdrew his resolution.

New Business
Corlis presented the issue of collaboration with NCCJ on Dress Codes and testing in Iowa bars. The Commissions role would be to train volunteer testers. NCCJ would provide the volunteers to conduct the tests. Commission initiated complaints would not be filed. Tests would provide the opportunity to educate the public. At this time the Commission decided to collaborate with NCCJ in other ways.

Recognition of the Public and Press
Press and other public were not present.

Future Commissioners Meeting
December 1, 2000 - 10:00 AM ICRC office.

Motion was made by Alicia Claypool and seconded by Mohamad Khan to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned by Robert Smith.