Iowa Civil Rights Commission

Commissionersí Meeting

November 8, 2001

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Islamic Cultural and Heritage Center

1335 - 9th St. NW

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5240



David Leshtz, Chairman, brought the Commissionersí Meeting of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to order.


Roll Call

Present were Alicia Claypool, Maria Waterman, and David Leshtz. Also present were Corlis Moody, Executive Director, Ron Pothast, Business Manager and Araceli Goode, Executive Secretary.


Recognition of Public/Press

The Chair recognized the public present at this time welcoming them to the meeting and thanking Louise Lorenze, Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Human Rights Commission for hosting and arranging the meeting in the Islamic Cultural and Heritage Center.


Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the October 11, 2001 Commissionersí Meeting Minutes was made by Alicia Claypool and seconded by Maria Waterman. The motion passed unanimously.


Commissionersí Report

Alicia Claypool - Reported she had attended the Islam Mosque Open House in Des Moines and noted tremendous community support. Also had attended the Education Hearing on African American Status in Iowa October 29, 2001 which she found informative and noted there was work to be done in the Des Moines School system. Also commented The Des Moines Register did not have a religious editor and had been trying to get the Editor to deal with religious issues and a religious page in the paper but had not been successful yet.

Maria Waterman - No report

David Leshtz - No report


New Business

Louise Lorenze, Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Human Rights Commission presented before the Commission the work the Commission was doing regarding discrimination issues, cases, the OUCH Program - an outreach and education program, and the completion in June of their pilot project started in November, 2000 to educate all city employees regarding civil rights. The Commission has also been awarded a RECCR Grant and a $10,000 HUD Grant.


Executive Directorís Report

Corlis referred the Commissioners to the monthly reports included in their packets, and requested that if they had any questions, to let her know. She reported that the Commission was working in collaboration with other agencies to keep track of complaints regarding citizens of Arab descent. In addition, reported no layoffs were scheduled this year as of this month. An Early Buyout was one option that was being offered and may be accepted by some employees that qualify.



Old Business

No old business discussed.


Next Meeting

January 10, 2002 at ICRC Offices.



Motion was made by Maria Waterman and seconded by Alicia Claypool to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned.


After the meeting, a video on the history of the Islamic Cultural and Heritage Center was viewed and tour taken.