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Title Description
Accessible Housing Presents the guidelines on accessibility for new construction, multifamily residential units, as requred by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988. 28 minutes. VHS 1994
The ADA on Video Series Part 1: "Focusing on Ability." An overview of the ADA as it applies to both new and existing employees. 25 minutes. Part 2: "Reasonable Accommodations." An exploration of what implementing the ADA will mean for managers, especially in providing reasonable accommodations. 21 minutes. VHS 1992
The "Bermuda Triangle": ADA, FMLA, and Workers' Compensation Laws Provides an understanding of what these laws require, how they interrelate, and how to reduce, if not eliminate, the legal risks these laws present for employers. 23 minutes. VHS 1996
Disability and Qualified This training video by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), discusses the impact of ADA Supreme Court cases addressing "disability and qualified" on employment discrimination cases. 25 minutes. VHS 1999
It's a New Day Presents persons with many different disabilities engaging in a variety of occupational and recreational activities. 9 minutes. VHS 1981
Jim's Choice: Building Support for Community Living This video shows how one person moved from an institution to his own apartment in an Iowa community, with benefits for individuals, communities, and taxpayers. 13 minutes. VHS
Now Serving Every Customer As the the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) causes business to become more accessible, management needs to know how to provide first-rate service to customers with disabilities. 25 minutes. VHS
One of Our Own: Dealing with the Impact of AIDS in the Workplace A dramatic representation of what happens when an employee reveals that he has AIDS. Information in this video helps dispel myths and fears about AIDS, and emphasizes the employer's responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act to accommodate a person with HIV or AIDS. 35 minutes. VHS with kit, 1996
Same Walk, Different Streets An extraordinarily gifted actress and motivational speaker, Geri Jewell achieved international celebrity when she became the first performer with a disability to win a regular role in a television series. In this concert, taped before a live audience, Geri Jewell uses her unique comedic talent to inspire appreciation of ability, diversity, and human potential. 69 minutes. VHS
The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities Hosted by Tim Harrington, a successful businessman and disability consultant who was born with celebral palsy, this video helps people to overcome fear of interacting with and communicating with persons with disabilities. 26 minutes. VHS 1994
When Billy Broke His Head and Other Tales of Wonder Disability is not just a medical fact, it also has a political dimension. In this irrevent, first-person road movie, Billy Golfus meets disabled people around the country, and witnesses firsthand the strength and anger that is forging a new civil rights movement for disabled Americans. 57 minutes. VHS