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Videos  about Discrimination

Title Description
ACLU Freedom Files: Gay and Lesbian Rights This episode of The ACLU Freedom Files - which includes humorous takes on heavy issues by comedians Judy Gold and Margaret Cho - shows the harms that occurs when loving couples' relationships aren't fully recognized. DVD 2006
Age Discrimination: No Gray Areas Explains how demographics are creating the "graying" of the American workforce, recognizes some of the common myths and prejudices about older workers, and enable executives, managers, and supervisors to understand legal and other vital issues surrounded aging and employment. 26 minutes. VHS 
Age Discrimination: You Be the Judge This video uses three multipart case studies to show viewers actions that violate the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. In each case, small missteps by managers set the environment for expensive lawsuits. 27 minutes. VHS 2002
Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died The story of two Holocaust survivors as they revisit Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The moving accounts of the men, combined with historic visuals, help viewers become aware of the horrors of prejudice and hate. 28 minutes. VHS 1998
Avoiding Litigation Landmines Many employers risk employment-related complaints and lawsuits by committing mistakes that could have been prevented. This video emphasizes the ten most common situations (landmines) and how managers can properly handle them. 30 minutes. VHS 1997
Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission The Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission provides an overview about discrimination laws in Iowa and the benefits of diversity. DVD
Changing the Rules A sequel to Dr. Pat Heim's The Power Dead-End Rule, this program identifies the invisible rules that create communication problems between genders, and the steps and strategies required to resolve a variety of workplace situations. 25 minutes. VHS 1998
Contigent Workers This video deals with the application of EEO laws to contigent workers, who are hired and paid by "staffing firms," such as employment agencies, but whose working conditions are controlled by their clients where the services are performed. VHS 2000
Cost of Intolerance This video looks at how attitudes, biases, and assumptions toward customers can affect quality customer service. 17 minutes. VHS 1994
Going Too Far This video looks at prohibited employment practices under the Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986 (IRCA). 17 minutes. VHS
Home A revealing and moving presentation which tells the stories of families and individuals who have experienced discrimination in their search for housing. 11 minutes. VHS
Housing Discrimination: Who Should Ever Have to Get Used to That? A personal account of an African-American woman expressing how she feels after experiencing housing discrimination. The video also dispels the myth that financially qualified, well-educated people of color can live wherever they can afford. 8 minutes. VHS 
ICRC: Celebration of Civil Rights The video looks at civil rights in Iowa. 28 minutes. VHS
ICRC: First 25 Years (Interviews) This video is a series of interviews of people reflecting on the first 25 years of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. VHS
ICRC: Mediator Professional Development The Iowa Civil Rights Commission offered a series of training for mediators. This is a four part video series from 1994. VHS
ICRC: Vision of Respect This video provides a general overview of the Iowa Civil Rights Act and the Iowa Civil Rights Commission's vision of respect for all people. 10 minutes. VHS
It's the Law This video uses a variety of workplace scenarios to explain that taking critical precautions and having a clear understanding of the law will minimize employment discrimination and maximize equal employment opportunity. 23 minutes. VHS with kit, 2000
Managing Internal Investigations How to conduct an internal investigation for employee misconduct, including harassment. Gives suggestions on what to do and what to watch out for in an investigation. 28 minutes. VHS 1996
Lending Discrimination: Why is it Still Going On? This video documents one woman's attempt to obtain a home mortgage for her family at four different times in her life. The video discusses the difficulties that minorities face in obtaining home mortgage loans. 13 minutes. VHS
More Than a Gut Feeling III This video training program is designed to educate interviewers on how to make the right hiring decisions. It is based on the premise that behavior predicts. In order to use this technique well, an interviewer must go beyond first impressions, stereotypes, and personal theories about people. 32 minutes. VHS with kit, 1997
Must There Be a Wall Between You and Me This video is a series of interviews with victims of discrimination as well as housing providers. It explains why housing discrimination hurts. 14 minutes. VHS 
One Government's Quest for Social Justice This two-part DVD presents a North Carolina county's government seeking to achieve social justice through the work of an agency charged with identifying and eliminating discrimination and by working in the local community to educate residents on issues of social justice. DVD 1 is 27 minutes, and DVD 2 is 30 minutes. 2006
Power Dead-Even Rate Dr. Pat Heim explores the different cultures men and women grow up in , the "rules" each culture uses to define appropriate adult behavior, why these cultures clash, and what to do about it. 35 minutes. VHS 1995
Preventing Discriminatory Harassment A video by the Iowa Department of Personnel about how to prevent harassment and discrimination. VHS
Taking a Stand Centered around an incident of a Black family looking at a house in a white neighborhood, this thought provoking drama forces viewers to recognize the painful and far reaching effects of discrimination. 30 minutes. VHS 
True Colors Two testers, a white male and a Black male with the same qualifications apply for the same jobs, try to rent an apartment, and shop in retail businesses. Their experiences are very different and very visible as captured by the hidden cameras of ABC news. 19 minutes. VHS 
Willmar 8 The story of eight unassuming women in a small Minnesota town who launched the longest bank strike in American history. Passed over repeatedly for managerial positions despite years of service, the women took on the entire town to struggle for equal opportunity and pay equity. 50 minutes. VHS 
Winning Balance The video shows the impact of biases and stereotypes through interviews of real people. It explains how employees can become agents of change on the issue of diversity. 34 minutes. VHS 1993