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Videos  about Diversity

Title Description
Age Discrimination: No Gray Areas Explains how demographics are creating the "graying" of the American workforce, recognizes some of the common myths and prejudices about older workers, and enable executives, managers, and supervisors to understand legal and other vital issues surrounded aging and employment. 26 minutes. VHS 
Age and Physical Ability Workplace Issues Provides a basis to consider the issues, conflicts, and ways of relating to people of varying ages and degrees of physical abilities. 18 minutes. VHS
Diversity Advantage: Food for Thought This unique video program takes place in a diner, and uses the conversations between the owner and customers to emphasize the importance of understanding and accepting individual differences. The overall message for managers and employees is that when differences are valued, discrimination decreases and productivity increases. 20 minutes. DVD in English and Spanish or VHS in English. 2005
Diversity: Inclusion in the Workplace Produced by the Iowa Department of Human Services. This film gives basic information on creating an atmosphere of inclusion for clients and co-workers. 13 minutes. VHS 2001
Dynamics of Diversity Dr. Roosevelt Thomas defines diversity, discusses why people respond differently to diversity, and suggests ways to help others understand and accept diversity. 49 minutes. VHS
Gender and Sexual Orientation Workplace Issues Presents an overview of gender and sexual orientation issues. Provides ways in which individuals and organizations can maximize potential benefits through respecting and working with diversity. 20 minutes. VHS
Getting Along: Words of Encouragement This four and one half minute video of printed messages and music reminds all types of audiences to work and live together with open hearts and open minds. Excellent as a discussion starter, or for an uplifting closing to a meeting. VHS
Land of O's: Competing Through Diversity A sequel to the classic "A Tale of O," this video takes a practical, solution oriented approach on how to take a diverse workforce and leverage it to the advantage of both the organization and the individual. 28 minutes. DVD
Making Diversity Work Today's workforce is one of many different identity groups, based on age, gender, culture, education, lifestyles, and physical abilities. Thus, being different and making a difference are both very important to today's worker. This video offers practical tools to help managers develop the awareness and skills necessary to unite different employees and help them form productive work groups. 23 minutes. VHS 1993
Nabre Reel: Lost Boys of Sudan One of the episodes on this tape focuses on the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, a group of male refugees from Sudan. 10 minutes. VHS 2003
On the Threshold of Change Presents an overview of diversity in the workplace. Defines the cultural characteristics of diversity. Discusses how diversity management can enhance the competitive edge of an organization. Shows how that in order to embrace diversity, individuals must broaden their perspective consciousness by education, exposure, and experience. 17 minutes. VHS
Peacock in the Land of Penguins A modern day fable about the perils and possibilities of being different in organizations. A colorful and humorous introduction to managing diversity. Includes leader's guide. 10 minutes. VHS 1997
Personal Patterns Looks at the individual's responsibility for understanding how their own personal behavior and modes of interaction form the basis for building relationships in diverse working groups. Part of Valuing Relationships Series. 30 minutes. VHS 1993
Power Dead-Even Rate Dr. Pat Heim explores the different cultures men and women grow up in , the "rules" each culture uses to define appropriate adult behavior, why these cultures clash, and what to do about it. 35 minutes. VHS 1995
Race, Ethnicity, Language & Religion  Workplace Issues The key to respecting others is to engage in open and honest communication. Presents ways in which stereotypes set up barriers to communication. Shows that it is necessary to broaden our perspectives about language, religion, race, and ethnicity. 20 minutes. VHS
Sexual Dynamics How can men and women be friends and professional associates without the interference of sexual feelings? Explore the issues beneath the surface that deplete productivity and performance. 33 minutes. VHS 
Step Up, Speak Up This program offers a simple but highly effective technique to help create and maintain the atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect that is critical to a healthy workplace. This program clearly demonstrates how the individual employee can make a difference.  14 minutes. VHS
Student Voices: Celebrating Diversity This video is of the "Celebrating Diversity" episode of Iowa Public Television's Student Voices series. 58 minutes. VHS 1999
Tale of "O": On Being Different An entertaining and captivating parable about what happens to any new or different kind of person in a group and how the situation can be managed. Revised. Includes 27-min. full length version and 18-min. training version, and instructor's manual. VHS 1993
Test of Courage: The Making of a Firefighter Offers an insider's look at the trials and triumphs of a group of young men and women competing to become firefighters in Oakland, CA. The events take place in a context of concern about ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace. The profound tests of courage come when the ideals of diversity are tested in the daily reality of firehouse life, and when they have to put their lives in each others' hands. 58 minutes. VHS
Valuing Diversity: Communicating Across Cultures Shows how misunderstandings result from different styles of communication and from different cultural backgrounds. It also suggest ways to communicate more effectively. 30 minutes. VHS 1992
With All Due Respect This video is a general overview of diversity and why it is important. VHS