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Videos Dealing with Harassment

Title Description
Beyond Sexual Harassment
The video addresses harassment issues concerning age, religion, and gender. Employees learn how to identify harassment, understand harassment's negative effects, and how to take action when harassment occurs. 14 minutes. VHS 
Bob's Ms. Adventure This video uses humor to open a dialogue on the interpretations and ramifications of certain behaviors defined as harassment. Though seemingly light-hearted, it has the right mix of learning points, seriousness, humor and dramatization to define, correct, and eliminate harassing conduct. 27 minutes. DVD
Gender and Sexual Orientation Workplace Issues Presents an overview of gender and sexual orientation issues. Provides ways in which individuals and organizations can maximize potential benefits through respecting and working with diversity. 20 minutes. VHS
Handling the Sexual Harassment Complaint Takes a manager through the steps of taking a complaint from an employee, investigating that complaint, and taking action on the results. Discusses the manager's role in determining the validity of the complaint. 15 minutes. VHS
He Said She Said HE SAID, SHE SAID has been designed to help employees evaluate their own conduct as it relates to sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at work. Seven interactive scenarios use riveting performances and twisting plot lines to subtly challenge employees' beliefs and perceptions. As employees progress through each scenario they first hear from the alleged victim as they present their view of the events in question. The DVD pauses and employees are asked to come to an initial conclusion. Discussions follow, which allow conflicting points of view to be aired and explored. Then as the scenario continues, employees are forced to explore for the facts and read between the lines as they hear from the alleged harasser and witnesses. In the end it becomes apparent that sometimes our bias, perceptions and behaviors may need to be re-evaluated. 26 minutes. VHS 2006
Let's Get Honest about Harassment Engaging, insightful, occasionally humorous, this video offers employees a real work perspective, presenting honest solutions to a variety of workplace issues ranging from fliring and dating to clueless behavior and predatory harassment. 15 minutes. DVD or VHS with handbook, 2006
Managing Internal Investigations How to conduct an internal investigation for employee misconduct, including harassment. Gives suggestions on what to do and what to watch out for in an investigation. 28 minutes. VHS 1996
Preventing Discriminatory Harassment A video by the Iowa Department of Personnel about how to prevent harassment and discrimination. VHS
Sexual Dynamics How can men and women be friends and professional associates without the interference of sexual feelings? Explore the issues beneath the surface that deplete productivity and performance. 33 minutes. VHS 
Sexual Harassment: Building Awareness on Campus In a clear, concise and non-doctrinaire manner, this video educates both men and women with specific reference to campus relations. The five sections of the video define sexual harassment, look at the difference between intent and impact, discusses how to deal with unwanted attention, looks at consensual relations, and looks forward to ways students can freely interact in an environment of mutual respect. VHS 1995
Sexual Harassment and How to Stop It Students describe harassment experiences, discuss the difference beteween harassment and flirtation, and suggest steps schools can take to investigate and take action against harassment. Designed for grades 9-12. 25 minutes. VHS with teacher's guide 
Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? Review the basics about harassment and presents a variety of situations for discussion that illustrate the forms that harassment may take. 17 minutes. VHS with kit
Sexual Harassment: It's Hurting People The video defines harassment, and shows harassers how their behavior hurts other people. The video details steps students and schools can take to bring harassment to a halt. Designed for grades 5-9. 18 minutes. VHS with teacher's guide
Sexual Harassment: Know Your Rights
Know your rights and address your responsibilities on sexual harassment prevention. This exciting program examines this urgent HR topic in a concise and effective format, ideal for orientations or refresher training. 7 minutes. VHS 2001
Subtle Sexual Harassment Tape 1, "The Issue is Respect,' is designed for employees or a general audience. It looks at the experiences of several people who have been victims of subtle harassment. Tape 2, "Management's New Responsibilities," focuses on the critical role managers play in identifying harassment, addressing harassment complaints, and enforcing company policies designed to eliminate harassment in the workplace. Each tape is 28 minutes. VHS with kit. 1992
You Can Stop Harassment Harassment based on racial, gender, ethnic and other characteristics is pervasive in the workplace. Tape 1, "Taking Responsibility," focuses on the employee's role, and Tape 2, "The Responsible Leader," discusses management's role. Each tape is 25 minutes. VHS with kit

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