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Videos  about Racism

Title Description
Blue Eyed Teacher Jane Elliott does the "blue eyes - brown eyes" experiment with her class, in which each child experiences what it's like to be discriminated against. 93 minutes. VHS 1995
Changing the Odds in Iowa While the issues facing young Black males in America can be disheartening, this video focuses on positive success stories. Three Iowa Black males who have achieved professional and personal success are profiled. 27 minutes. VHS
Class Divided In the sequel to Blue Eyed, the children who participated in the "blue eyes - brown eyes" activity are interviewed 15 years later about the impact of the experiment on their lives. 60 minutes. VHS 1997.
Ethnic Notions An award-winning documentary which takes viewers on a disturbing voyage through American history, tracing the evolution of deeply-rooted stereotypes which have fueled bigotry and prejudice. 57 minutes. VHS 1987
Free Indeed A video drama about racism that challenges white viewers to think about the privileges that come with being white in North America, with suggestions for examining old assumptions and dismantling racism. 23 minutes. VHS 1996
Housing Discrimination: Who Should Ever Have to Get Used to That? A personal account of an African-American woman expressing how she feels after experiencing housing discrimination. The video also dispels the myth that financially qualified, well-educated people of color can live wherever they can afford. 8 minutes. VHS 
I Have a Dream Video footage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech. 18 minutes. VHS
In the Matter of Ralph Dramatic interpretation of a case before the Iowa Territorial Supreme Court in July 1839, regarding the rights of a fugitive slave. 80 minutes. VHS
Knowing Who You Are All too often, youth in foster care lose connection with their racial and ethnic heritage and aren't provided the necessary skills to cope with or address racism and discrimination in their lives. In this video, twenty-three people came together - former youth in foster care, birth parents, foster parents, kinship caregivers, social workers, and child welfare administrators - to share their unique perspectives about why race and ethnicity matter and the importance of helping youth develop their racial and ethnic identity. DVD 2005
Myth of Race This video traces the history of the social construct of race from its beginnings in European politics and anthropology to its continuing destructive effects today. Originally developed as a computer-based slide presentation for youth, the video incorporates still and animated images with narration and music to present the material in a non-threatening way. Designed as an introductory companion piece to Free Indeed, a video on white privilege. 19 minutes. VHS 2000
Prejudice: Answering Children's Questions Hosting an audience of young children as culturally diverse as our nation, Peter Jennings leads on investigation of prejudice. Featuring a team of experts who conduct several enlightening experiments designed to help children better understand the roots of prejudice, the special presentation scrutinizes some of the influences that shape children's ideas about the world as well as examines stereotypes based on race, sex, religion, and disability. 75 minutes. VHS 1992
Prejudice: Dividing the Dream This video is about a program which helps individuals and society honestly face the distressing elements of prejudice by offering perspectives on its causes and suggesting remedies. Victims of prejudice reveal their suffering and explain their hope for the future. 25 minutes. VHS 
Race and White Privilege At the City of Iowa Human Rights Commission's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, Jennifer Holladay discusses racism and white privilege. VHS. 
Racism in Iowa This Iowa Public Television documentary looks at racism in Iowa. Tape 1 contains three episodes: Carefully Untaught (22 minutes), Do You Know Me? (48 minutes), and Voices of Diversity (12 minutes). Tape 2 features a town meeting addressing the topic of race (104 minutes). VHS
Skin Deep With remarkable openness and candor, a diverse group of college students come together to share their anger, pain, confusion, and hope. This film encourages self-examination and dialogue as it takes us beneath the surface of America's racial divide. 53 minutes. VHS 1999
Taking a Stand Centered around an incident of a Black family looking at a house in a white neighborhood, this thought provoking drama forces viewers to recognize the painful and far reaching effects of discrimination. 30 minutes. VHS 
Town Meeting on Race The first of the national town hall meetings as part of President Clinton's initiative on race. He outlines a plan to create educational opportunity zones, and takes comments from 67 students, business-persons, and scholars. 113 minutes. VHS 1997
True Colors Two testers, a white male and a Black male with the same qualifications apply for the same jobs, try to rent an apartment, and shop in retail businesses. Their experiences are very different and very visible as captured by the hidden cameras of ABC news. 19 minutes. VHS