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Videos  for Youth

Title Description
America's Civil Rights Movement This video depicts the battle for civil rights as told by its foot soldiers. They rode where they weren't supposed to ride; walked where they weren't supposed to walk; sat where they weren't supposed to sit. And they stood their ground until they won their freedom. 38 minutes VHS with teaching kit from Teaching Tolerance. 1992.
Behind the Mask An animated film by and for elementary school children produced as a vehicle for teaching the concepts of "stereotyping" and "prejudice" to children. Study guide with classroom activities. Geared for students in grades K-6. 9 min. VHS 1997
Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History This documentary by the Southern Poverty Law Center focuses on the story of Jamie Labozny. His ordeal began in 6th grade and only got worse in high school. Years of unrelenting bullying took its toll. But Jamie decided to take a stand - against the bullying he endured and the bullying that he knew other students endured. He went to court and fought for the right to be safe at school, even if you are gay. His inspiring story offers hope for the millions of gay and lesbian students who still don't feel safe at school. Geared for middle school and high school. DVD with viewer's guide. 2010
Changing Perspectives: Paving the Path to Bully-Free Schools In November of 2001, teachers and administrators from across Iowa came together for a two-day conference focused solely on the issue of school bullying. Along with general information and commentary of student harassment, this video draws on clips from the conference to bring to light the severity of this epidemic. 30 minutes. VHS with discussion guide. 2002
Children's March The Children's March" tells the story of how the young people of Birmingham, Alabama, braved fire hoses and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees. Their heroism complements discussions about the ability of today's young people to be catalysts for positive social change. Geared for middle school and high school. 40 minutes. DVD or VHS with teacher's kit from Teaching Tolerance 2005
Different Dance: A Story about Respecting Others A popular school girl never passes up the chance for a good laugh, even at the expense of others. Her attempt to make fun of a Native American classmate backfires, and she learns to appreciate someone from another culture. Suitable for grades four to eight. 22 minutes. VHS 
Healing the Rainbow A program for and about kids making a difference in the fight about prejudice. Features young people from different backgrounds and cultures, who talk about their experiences with prejudice and intolerance. Suitable for high school students and adults. 20 minutes. VHS 1993
Knowing Who You Are All too often, youth in foster care lose connection with their racial and ethnic heritage and aren't provided the necessary skills to cope with or address racism and discrimination in their lives. In this video, twenty-three people came together - former youth in foster care, birth parents, foster parents, kinship caregivers, social workers, and child welfare administrators - to share their unique perspectives about why race and ethnicity matter and the importance of helping youth develop their racial and ethnic identity. DVD 2005
Making Our Schools Safe Town Hall Forum: Ames This is a video of the town hall forum in Ames in 2003 about making schools safe for all students from bullying. VHS
Making Our Schools Safe Town Hall Forum: Polk County This is a video of the town hall forum in Polk County in 2004 about making schools safe for all students from bullying. VHS
Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks This innovative and authoritative history of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott infuses the familiar story of the boycott with first person accounts, stirring dramatizations and narration by young people. Geared for middle school and high school. 40 minutes. VHS with teacher's kit from Teaching Tolerance 2002
One Survivor Remembers One Survivor Remembers enables thoughtful classroom discussion about a historical topic that is particularly difficult to teach and comprehend. Gerda Weissmann Klein’s account of surviving the Holocaust lessens the distance of both time and geography, making the topic more accessible to students. Geared for middle school and high school. 40 minutes. DVD or VHS with teacher's kit from Teaching Tolerance 2005
Place at the Table: Struggles for Equality in America This documentary film explores the historical struggle for equality through the eyes of today's yong people, as well as a richly illustrated text and a complete teacher's guide. This film spans three centuries to show how individuals and groups have topped barriers in education, transportation, voting, employment, housing, and other areas to become full participants in our democracy. 40 minutes. VHS with teacher's kit. 2001.
Prejudice: Answering Children's Questions Hosting an audience of young children as culturally diverse as our nation, Peter Jennings leads on investigation of prejudice. Featuring a team of experts who conduct several enlightening experiments designed to help children better understand the roots of prejudice, the special presentation scrutinizes some of the influences that shape children's ideas about the world as well as examines stereotypes based on race, sex, religion, and disability. 75 minutes. VHS 1992
Sexual Harassment: Building Awareness on Campus In a clear, concise and non-doctrinaire manner, this video educates both men and women with specific reference to campus relations. The five sections of the video define sexual harassment, look at the difference between intent and impact, discusses how to deal with unwanted attention, looks at consensual relations, and looks forward to ways students can freely interact in an environment of mutual respect. VHS 1995
Sexual Harassment and How to Stop It Students describe harassment experiences, discuss the difference beteween harassment and flirtation, and suggest steps schools can take to investigate and take action against harassment. Designed for grades 9-12. 25 minutes. VHS with teacher's guide 
Sexual Harassment: It's Hurting People The video defines harassment, and shows harassers how their behavior hurts other people. The video details steps students and schools can take to bring harassment to a halt. Designed for grades 5-9. 18 minutes. VHS with teacher's guide
Shadow of Hate With documentary footage and eyewitness reports, this video spans three centuries to examine this country's ongoing struggle to live up to its ideals of liberty, equality and justice for all. 40 minutes. VHS with teacher's kit. 1995
Starting Small: Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades Designed for in-service programs, this film and resource CD profile exemplary pre-K through 3rd grade classrooms in which peace, equity and justice are guiding themes. 58 minutes. DVD 2008
Student Voices: Celebrating Diversity This video is of the "Celebrating Diversity" episode of Iowa Public Television's Student Voices series. 58 minutes. VHS 1999
Unforgettable Pen Pal: A Story about Prejudice and Discrimination A.J. and the Human Race Club learn valuable lessons about prejudice and discrimination. When A.J. and his pen pal, Joey, discover their mutual interest in basketball, they become the best of friends. But the chance to finally meet one another at a professional basketball game leads them to encounter prejudice where they least expect it. This video will help kids learn the negative effects of prejudice and importance of forming their opinions about intelligently. Geared for elementary students. 30 minutes. VHS 1989
Viva La Causa Viva La Causa focuses on one of the seminal events in the march for human rights - the grape strike and boycott led by César Chávez and Dolores Huerta in the 1960s. Viva la Causa will show how thousands of people from across the nation joined in a struggle for justice for the most exploited people in our country - the workers who put food on our tables. Geared for middle school and high school. 39 minutes. DVD with teacher's kit from Teaching Tolerance 2008.